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Students should be reading daily, at least 30 minutes a day with a parent or older sibling.

Play on Mathletics and 10 minutes every day!!

Play on Education City and Freckle!

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K Class Work 4/8

Posted on April 7, 2020

Wednesday 4/8

Class Work:





Read this article with your child about rabbits:

On a piece of paper, draw a picture of a rabbit. Then write a sentence about something you learned from the article!

**Don’t forget to post to your portfolio! **


Do pages 487-489 in your Math Workbook


Math Workbook page 490

K Class Work 4/7

Posted on April 6, 2020

Tuesday, 4/7

Class Work:


Watch The Easter Story here:


Read the story Knuffle Bunny or watch it here:

While watching the video of Knuffle Bunny, help your child think about the illustrations and text. 

Ask “Does this look the same or different then where you live? What happened when Trixie wasn’t paying attention? What special toy do you have?”

Then on a piece of paper have your child draw the toy most special to them. Write a caption for your picture.

**Don’t forget to post your picture on your portfolio.**


Do pages 483-485 in your Math Workbook


Math Workbook page 486

K Class Work 4/6

Posted on April 5, 2020

Monday 4/6

Class Work:

ELA:  Do the ELA: Retelling Tales assignment in Education City

Then read “The Tale of Peter Rabbit” or watch it here:

Then fold a piece of paper into three and mark each section “beginning”. “middle” and “end”.

Have your child draw a picture that matches the events in each part of the text. 

You can also have them dictate what is happening in the picture and write a caption for each.

**Don’t forget to upload a picture of your work to your porfolio. **

Math: Watch the video:

Then do pages 479-480 in your Math Workbook.


Math Workbook page 482

K Class Work 4/2

Posted on April 1, 2020

Thursday, 4/2

*This work is due on Monday*

ELA;  Watch this video about sentences :

Then do pages 313, 315, 316, and 319 in your Orange Workbook.

Math: Review

Do pages 473, 474, 475 (Problems 1 and 2), and 476 in your Math Workbook.

**Don’t forget to upload all your workbook pages onto your Class Dojo Portfolio page.**

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