K HW 9/23/19-9/27/19

September 23, 2019 – September 27, 2019

Mon, Sept 23- – The Cat Saw That Sheet (in Marble Notebook)
– Math Workbook page 40
**Pizza Money was due on Monday. If you did not send it in, please do so on Tuesday. Thank you. **

Tues, Sept 24- – Write the words I and am in your Green Notebook 7X each.
– Math Workbook page 44
** We have Gym on Wednesday. Don’t forget to wear Gym uniform and
sneakers. **

Wed, Sept 25- – Read the poem “Fall Leaves” in your Green Notebook. Circle all the rhyming words you see. Draw a picture to match the poem. Color your picture.
– Math Workbook page 48

Thurs, Sept 26- – What Do We Share? Sheet (in Marble Notebook)
-Religion Worksheet (in Marble Notebook)
– Math Workbook page 54
** Dress Down Friday for $1.00. **
***Friday is Pizza Lunch. Please send an extra drink for lunch. If you did not
order pizza, please send lunch for your child. Thank you. ***

Fri, Sept 27- – Read “Little Me” to an adult (in Folder)
– Math Workbook page 58
** All Homework must be checked and signed. **
** The Little Library Boxes are to be kept at home. Do Not send them back to school. Keep them in a safe place. As books are sent home each week, add them to your Little Library Box and read them often. **