K HW 11/11/19-11/15/19

November 11, 2019 – November 15, 2019

Mon, Nov 11- – Happy Veteran’s Day!

Tues, Nov 12- – Walk-A-Thon – NO Homework!

Wed, Nov 13- – Letter Bb Sheets (in Marble Notebook)

Thurs, Nov 14- – Write B and b 5X each in your Green Notebook. Find and glue pictures from a magazine that begin the /b/ sound around the big Bb in your book.
– Read the poem “Bees by a Beehive” in your Green Notebook. Circle all the rhyming words and all the Bb’s you see. Draw a picture to match the poem. Color your picture.
** Friday is Dress Down for $1.00. **

Fri, Nov 15- – Read “My Bb Book” to an adult (in Folder)
** All Homework must be checked and signed. **