Homework for Monday, Nov. 22, 2021

ELA/Reading:  Action verb quiz tomorrow.  Discussion questions due at 8 p.m. in Google Classroom.

Religion:  Test Monday on the Bible.

Social Studies:  Study for vocabulary quiz.

Math:  No homework.

Science:  Punnett Square test on 11/30.  Assignment in Google Classroom.

Grade 5 Social Studies:  If you did not complete your assignment today, finish it for homework.  On loose leaf, Venn Diagram with 3 paragraphs.

Grade 6:  No homework

Grade 8:  Finish your rows notes for Jigsaw Activity.  Research a Treaty with Native Americans from the late 1800’s.  Describe what the treaty was  and whether or not the treaty was broken and why.  Write at least two paragraphs in your notebook.  This will be discussed tomorrow also.

Wednesday, Nov. 24:  12:30 dismissal.