Homework and Announcements

Math: 7 B: 1-3 last column up to 45

Religion  7 B:  Study for test on Friday, and complete questions on Parable in n.b.

ELA/Reading  7 B:  Read pages 12-17 in your Progress Book  and complete numbers 1 to 5 on page 17.  If you don’t finish.  Take the novel,  Outsiders  and bring back with you on Friday.

Science  7 B: The Diversity of Life, page 31, numbers 1, 2, 3.  Study for Lab quiz.

Music 7 B:  Due next Tuesday answer questions in n. b. on l. l.

Dress down on Friday, 1.00.

There is no homework for 8 B.

Grade 6 B  page 61, number 6 in notebook.

Grade 5 Social Studies:  no homework