Homework and Announcements for Wed., Feb. 24, 2021

Dress down Friday, 2.00.

Social Studies:  No homework.  Work on DBQ, make sure to include at least 3 documents.  Just work on the body; do not write an introduction or conclusion.

Religion:  No homework

ELA/Reading: Finish questions on pages 85 and 87, if  you didn’t finish it in class.

Math: 6-8 numbers 2-12 even

Science:  No homework.  Work on genetic disorder slide show project.

Grade 8:  Work on the organizer to organize your DBQ.

Grade 5:  Work on DBQ.

Grade 6:  page 189:  Complete narrative  on loose leaf.  If you did not complete the comparing and contrasting of Athens and Sparta, complete it for homework.  Be ready to rewrite it on Friday.