Homework and Announcements for Wed., Dec. 15, 2021

Social Studies: 

Grade 5: Define words on page 98.  Vocabulary and Academic vocabulary

Grade 6:  On page 127, complete numbers 3, 4 and 7 in your notebooks.

Grade 7:  Continue to research started in class for the Social Justice Project.  Be prepared to discuss it in class.  Put in Religion notebook.

Grade 8:  No homework

ELA/Reading: 40 minutes of I-Ready. Helping verb test next Tuesday.  Finish writing your Outsiders Chapter 11 summary.

Math: No homework

Science:  No homework

Reminders:  2.00 dress down on Friday.            Hot dogs on Friday, orders are now 3.00     Pizza money due:  12/20  2.50.

Christmas pictures tomorrow.  You can come in an outfit your parents or you choose.  If you are not taking pictures, please wear your                  Christmas bows being sold:  small – 5.00 each, large – 10.00 each

There is no after school tomorrow.