Homework and Announcements for Tuesday, Sept. 29. 2020

Music 7 B:  Questions in notebook, due next Wednesday.

Science 7 B:  Read pages 28-33 and on page 36, Lesson 3. (Review and Assessment)  Complete worksheet on Google Classroom.

Social Studies 7 B:  Continue to study your guide, Chapter 1 Test will be given on Wednesday, Oct. 7.

Religion:  Test corrections in your notebooks,   3 times each.  

Math 7 B:  I-5 last column up to 41. 

Social Studies 5 B:  No written assignment for homework.

Social Studies 6 B:  Compete number 7 on page 69 in your notebook.

Social Studies 8 B:  Work on 10 facts for Civil War battle you chose.  Bring in art supplies:  1 thin and 1 thick Sharpie black marker, ruler, colored pencils.  Also, bring in cut outs of photos of your battle.

Don’t forget fundraiser.

Bring in ear plugs for Ms. Triguero’s class