Homework and Announcements for Tues., Nov. 16, 2021

Religion: Practice the response in your Religion G C stream.

ELA/Reading:  Discussion question in G C.  Linking verbs test next Tuesday.

Math:  Finish classwork for homework if not done.

Science:  Quiz on the Punnett Square on Nov. 30.

Social Studies:  Redo the maps of each colony.  The maps must be the original first colonies of each area claimed by France, The Netherlands, and England, not maps of the mother country.

Pizza money, 3.00 tomorrow.

Grade 8 Social Studies:  In notebooks, define words on page 547 and write the causes and effects of the Homestead Act 0n pgs. 539.

Grade 5:  Complete work in Google Classroom.

Grade 6:  No homework