Homework and Announcements for Tues., Mar. 15, 2022

ELA/Reading:  Finish the state test practice questions in Google Classroom if not completed.

Math:  Math test Thursday on Lessons 7-8 to 7-13

Science:  Complete Lesson 2:  Animal Body Plan assignment in Google Classroom.

Social Studies:  Print out or draw at least 5 pictures for your battle for the Social Studies Road Map Project.

Grade 7:  Answer the following questions in your notebook.

  1. Describe the Great Compromise.  How did the smaller states overcome the under representation due to their smaller population?  

Grade 5 Social Studies: No homework tonight.

Grade 6:  In notebook,  answer questions 2 and 4 on page 227.

Grade 8:  Choose 3 of the 6: Scopes Trial, The Great Migration, Tensions over Race, Sacco and Venzetti, The Red Scare and Immigration Quotas, and give a short description about how the topics you chose show that not everyone enjoyed the success of the early twenties.  Complete the assignment in your notebooks.