Homework and Announcements for Tues., Jan.25, 2022

ELA/Reading: Newsela article in G C, due Thursday. Read 2 more articles on Greek Mythology in Newsela.

Science:  Finish the assignment about bacteria on pages 46 to 48 in the workbook.  Complete all work in Google Docs.

Social Studies:  Grade 7:  Define all key terms on page 141 in your Social Studies text. You can complete it on a Google Doc.

Grade 6 Social Studies:  Read pages 157 to 159 and answer Guiding Question on page 157.  An assignment has been created for you on G C.

Grade 5:  Use text book pages to find  your ten facts on the colonies of France in North America.

Grade 8:   Use pages 639 to 647 to complete the Jigsaw  activity.  Be ready to share your information with the other members of your class.

Dress down this Friday, 2.00.