Homework and Announcements for Thursday, May 19, 2022

Religion:  Study notes and Chapter 9.  Test next Tuesday.

ELA/Reading:  Get Percy Jackson Chapter 7 quiz signed.

Math: Complete numbers page 8, 32-36 in notebook.  Study integer rules.

Science:  Complete pages 44 and 45 for homework.

Social Studies:  Write notes for Andrew Jackson.  Due next Thursday essay on two presidents.

Grade 5:  Finish vocabulary on page 272.

Grade 8:  In notebook,  answer the following:  What were the causes and effects of the Korean War?

Grade 6:  Check Google Classroom for work that needs to be completed.

Dress down tomorrow:  2.00  Spring show notice  7.00 per ticket. 

Pizza Lunch 2.50 per slice.

COVID test due tomorrow for Lock-In and also bring in fee, 20.00 if you have not paid with permission slip.