Homework and Announcements for Thurs., Nov.4, 2021

ELA/Reading:  Test Tuesday on action verbs and direct objects.  Newsela article in Google Classroom

Math:  2-6, even up to 18.

Science:  Text next week Tuesday.  Review pages 81-84.

Grade 7 Social Studies:  Study for part 4 and 5 of test.  

Grade 6 Social Studies:  No homework.  One group still has to do their oral presentation on Sumer.

Grade 8 Social Studies:  No homework.  We are working on a document-based question essay in class.

Grade 5:  No homework.  We are working on a one-pager in class.

Religion:  Study your prayers:  Test on Our Father, Hail Mary,  The Glory Be and The Hail Holy Queen.  

Bring in money for Hot Dogs, 2.00.  After Nov. 8, 3.00.  Dress down tomorrow, 2.00.

****Don’t forget to turn back clocks one hour Saturday night.****