Homework and Announcements for Thurs., Jan. 27, 2022

Social Studies:  Grade 5 – Homework in Google Classroom.

Social Studies:  Grade 6 – page 159, numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, in your notebooks.

Grade 7:  Explanatory/Narrative Response:  Pretend that you are a colonist in the colonies during the time just before the American Revolution.  Write a speech  2 paragraphs long explaining to the people in your town why you should or should not support independence from England.  Use facts from the text to create your speech. Use the text pages 130 to 153.  A document has been set up for you.

Grade 8:  No homework

ELA/Reading:  Due Monday  Read Greek God  article and complete the quizzes.

Math: No homework

Science:  Finish classwork if not completed.

Religion:  If you did not complete your drawing on the Holy Spirit, finish it for homework.

Bring in lunch tomorrow if you did not order hot dogs.

2.00 dress down tomorrow.

ASL homework due Tuesday.