Homework and Announcements for Monday, Nov. 15, 2021

ELA/Reading:  Thanksgiving Contest assignment due tomorrow.  Finish discussion questions in google classroom if not done.

Math:  No homework.

Science:  Complete figure 3 and Assess Your Understanding on pages 90 and 91.

Religion:  Social Justice:  Dignity of Workers.  Answer these questions in your Religion notebook:  What is the message of the story, Pop’s Bridge by Eve Bunting?

How does the message apply to your understanding of the importance workers and the importance of all workers?

Social Studies:  Finish your foldable on the first French, Dutch and English colonies.

Grade 5:  No homework today.

Grade 6 Social Studies:  Finish cuneiform paper tablets and write your message on loose leaf like we did in class.  Also, complete defining terms  on pages 100-101 and 108-109, both content and academic.  Then write a sentence for each word.

Grade 8:  continue to add to GC chart on the advantages and disadvantages of mining, railroads and the economy.

Remember to bring in 2.50 for pizza tomorrow.