Homework and Announcements for Mon., Jan. 24, 2022

Math:  In Progress Monitor, pgs. 7 to 9 in Google Classroom.

Social Studies:

Grade 5:  Complete information needed for the England’s colonies in your notebooks.

Grade 6:  Work on Babylonian exile story in G C.

Grade 7:  Describe the Intolerable Acts in your notebooks.

Grade 8:  Complete vocabulary started in class, page 638.

Science:  Finish assignment on bacteria in Brain Pop.

Music:  Write a song on MLK’s quote:  “What are you doing for others”?

ELA/Reading:  Finish Mythology word search.  Read articles in NewsELA.

Religion tests signed by parent.  Anyone who received a 70 or less must have test corrections, 3 x’s each on loose leaf.

Bring in hot dog money:  2.00 each