Homework and Announcements for 3/28/22

ELA/Reading:  State test starts tomorrow.  Bring in two number 2 pencils tomorrow and Wednesday.

Music:  Essays due next week, April 5.

Science:  Continue to bring in supplies for your Science project.  Work on your essays.

Social Studies:  Grade 7:  Find an article about the Legislative Branch and write a summary.  Make sure your summary is 8 to ten sentences long.  Also, write what specific function or duty.  Write your answers on  loose leaf.

Grade 5:  Complete number 2 on page 211 and complete on page 212 in notebooks.

Grade 6:  Continue to work on the body of your DBQE, positive effects.

Grade 8:  No homework, but study key terms.

Raffles are due and bring in two 2-liter bottles of Pepsi.

Thursday, Baseball dress down, 2.00

Friday, no school