Homework and Announcements, Oct. 2, 2020

Grade 7 B: Social Studies:  Continue to study for your test. Test is next Wednesday. 

Religion:  Answer questions in your notebook for Sunday Gospel, (Oct. 4, 2020) Reading.

Music:  Answer questions for homework that were written on the board.

ELA/Reading:   Bring in earbuds for i-ready testing.  (Groups 7 A and 7 B)

Groups A and B:  Gym uniforms Monday and Tuesday.

Grade 5 A Social Studies:  Answer the question in your notebook.  A document will be set up on Monday for the questions and the paragraph(s).

Grade 6 A:  No homework.  A study guide will be posted by Saturday night.  Begin to study for your test next week on Wednesday.

Grade 8 A Social Studies:  Continue to work on your facts for the Civil War Project.  Continue to study for your Social Studies test on Thursday.  Bring in art supplies for next Tuesday.