Homework 10/25

ELA Homework

To write about what would happen if you met a monster. What would you see, smell, hear, taste and touch? Make sure to use all five senses. This must be done in your ELA book and be a paragraph or longer. 

Math Homework

Round the following numbers to both the 10th and 100th place.

  1. 58
  2. 76
  3. 12
  4. 182
  5. 102
  6. 145
  7. 227
  8. 298
  9. 333


-We will be having a math test on Thursday, the students were given a basic guideline of what the test will be on. The topics on the test will be rounding to the 10th and 100th, addition, subtraction and basic multiplication with grouping. You can refer to the previous homework pages as a base for what the test questions will look like. 

-Remember that tomorrow is individual picture day if you have brought in money and the slip.

-Tomorrow is gym for those of you who are not taking individual pictures, so make sure to wear your gym uniform. 

-Continue to bring in Walkathon money and slips.

-Continue to bring in Halloween slips and money.

-Tomorrow is the last day to bring in pizza money, so please do so.