Wednesday, September 30

Posted on September 30, 2020

Group 5A
Reading: Study for vocabulary test Friday ***YOU MUST HAVE EARBUDS FRIDAY***
ELA: In your notebook, write five sentences using your collective nouns list (make sure your sentences are more than four or five words in length)
Religion: Finish Vision Board if not done
Social: Paragraph in notebook
Science: Watch videos and take notes

12:30 dismissal and $1 Dress Down Friday

Group 6A
Reading: Finish character illustration, study for vocabulary test Friday
ELA: Answer questions in notebook

Tuesday, September 29

Posted on September 29, 2020

Group 5B
Reading: Read chapter 3 of Mixed up Files, Chapter 1 Vocabulary quiz Thursday
ELA: Write 5 sentences using collective nouns from list in notebook
Math: Study for Test Thursday
Science: Work on draft of scary science story for Thursday (email to
Social: Study vocabulary in Google Classroom
Religion:Lesson 1 test Monday

Candy sale packet and October calendar in folder
$1 Dress Down Thursday
Make sure you have earbuds in school Thursday

Music (due Wednesday): Finish copying song lyrics from class if you did not. Answer in notebook: 1. What is Bob Marley trying to say in this song? 2. How does it apply to the world today?

Group 6B
Read chapter 8 of Holes, finish questions in Google Classroom from today if not done, Vocabulary quiz Thursday
Make sure you have your earbuds Thursday

Monday, September 28

Posted on September 28, 2020

Group 5A
Reading: Mixed Up Files Vocabulary Quiz Friday, Answer the following discussion questions in notebook: 5. What did Claudia do to help get accustomed to giving things up? 6. Explain what the children need to do in regards to Kevin.
Math: Study for test on Wednesday
Science: Rewatch videos and take notes, think about Constellation story
Social Studies: Join Mrs. Dasaro’s Remind: Text @8dg3k7 to the number 81010

October Calendar and Candy/Magazine Sale info in folder

Group 6A:
Answer discussion questions 7 and 8 in notebook, finish reading Chapter 7 and study for Holes Vocabulary test on Friday

Friday, September 25

Posted on September 25, 2020

Reading: Study Mixed Up Files Vocabulary in notebook and Google Classroom
Math: L3 even #s up to 8
Social: Remind signup: Text @ad262a to 81010
Science: Look up facts for the constellation you created during lab today

Wear Gym uniform Tuesday and Music Homework is due Tuesday
Summer Packets will not be accepted after next week
Ms. Feil’s Remind:
Group A: Send @feil5a2021 to the number 81010
Group B: Send @feil5b2021 to the number 81010

6th Grade:
Study Holes Vocabulary

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