5th Grade Homework-9/13

Posted on September 13, 2019

ELA: Writing process test Monday (study notes in notebook and/or on website)
Math: Page 3 odd numbers, sign up for Remind (class code is MathMCA5)
Science: Page 40 #1-6

Sign up for Ms. Feil’s Remind (class code feil5ela)
Cover books
Return Trip form and money by the 16th
Band Paper and Sign Language papers in folder
Back to School Parent Meeting Wednesday Night

6th ELA:
Finish defining Chapter 1 Vocabulary (expelled, immortal, triumphant, vaporized, kleptomaniac, dyslexia, disgorge, wispy, scythe)
Read Chapter 1 of The Lightning Thief for Wednesday

7th Religion:
No Homework

5th Grade Homework – 9/12

Posted on September 12, 2019

ELA: Progress in ELA Comprehension check on page 13 (write in notebook), Test Monday on Writing Process (notes in notebook and on website)
Math:Workbook page 2 #2-10 even
Science: Read pages 20-23 and write a 4 sentence summary for each page in notebook
Religion: Test on prayers tomorrow

$1 Dress Down tomorrow
Cover books
Band Sign up info in folder
Return trip form and money

6th ELA
Test tomorrow on Writing Process
Progress in ELA Comprehension Check page 13 in notebook

7th Religion
Test tomorrow on prayers
Finish Activity section on page 18

5th Grade Homework – 9/11

Posted on September 11, 2019

ELA: Study writing process notes for test Monday, Do Noun worksheet in folder
Math: Page 2 #11-13 in notebook in the two expanded forms
Social: Finish do now in notebook
Religion: Test Friday on prayers

Reminders: Return trip form and money
$1 Dress Down Friday

6th ELA:
Finish worksheet, Test Friday on the writing process, Continue to work on essay draft
Cover book

7th Religion:
Cover book
Test on Prayers Friday

5th Grade Homework – 9/10

Posted on September 10, 2019

ELA: Continue to work on outline (worksheet is in notebook – should be based on example – DO NOT write an essay yet!), Writing Process Test Monday – notes are on school website, if any are missing from notebook, finish copying
Math: Workbook page 1 odd numbers
Science: Define vocabulary on pages 8 and 9
Social: Have a book sox in school for textbook
Religion: Study for Prayer test Friday (prayers in notebook and on school website)

Trip paper in folder

6th ELA: Fix outline if needed, if outline was correct today, begin working on the intro and 1st body paragraph of your essay draft, Writing Process Test Friday, Cover workbook

7th Religion: Study for Friday’s prayer test

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