Grade 3 October 2, 2020

1. ELA: Read “Is She Smarter Than a Fifth- Grader?” Answer the questions. Write complete sentences.

ELA: Reader’s and Writer’s Notebook. Complete pages 42-45. Write the Diary Entry on page 43 in your ELA/Reading copy book. For the diary entry, write complete sentences.


2. Math: Complete rounding assignment worksheets (pages 9-10).

*If you have not completed the assignment listed below, please complete and return on Monday:

**Review your notes in your math copy book from yesterday, September 30, 2020 and today to complete your homework.

On loose leaf paper, round the following numbers to the nearest ten and hundred. Then, explain how you arrived at your answer. Write complete sentences:

1. 172
2. 588
3. 99
4. 58
5. 441
6. 112

Due Monday: October 5, 2020


1. Graded Spelling Test will be sent home. Please include parent/guardian signature on the test. Due: Monday, October 5, 2020.