Grade 3 Homework 2/14

ELA: Reading Street, read pages 226-231. Answer “Let’s  Think About” questions on pages 227, 228, and 229 in your notebook.

Read pages 238-255. Use the glossary to define the following words, identify the part of speech and the number of syllables in each word. Write a complete sentence using each word correctly (7 sentences in total). Complete in your notebook:








Reader’s and Writer’s Notebook. Complete pages 107, 112 (#’s 1-10), 125, 127 (use the Merriam Webster dictionary to define unfamiliar words on this page, 128, 129, 130, and 131.


Math: Workbook pages 73-76

Textbook pages 102- 103 in your notebook.

Pages 106-107 on loose leaf paper

Social Studies: Project for Social Studies Fair instructions will be posted this weekend.


Science: Review Chapter 2. Test February 27, 2020

ELA: Review subject, predicate, compound and complex sentences, run- on sentences, and nouns (common, proper, singular, plural, irregular, and possessive). Test February 28, 2020.

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