Grade 3 Classwork and Homework 6/8

Final deadline for all assignments from this term: Today, June 8, 2020.

Assignments from this term will be included in the final grade. Please check and complete all missing assignments from Mathletics, Google Classroom, Freckle, and *EducationCity (assignments from May 26-29, 2020–EducationCity).

Today’s website(s): Freckle and Mathletics.

Freckle class code: STJULR

Freckle Assignments:
Math Content
ELA Content

Mathletics Assignments

-NYS Gr 3 CCLS: Number and Operations – Fractions
-Common Core Grade 3: Operations and Algebraic Thinking (if not completed from May 15, 2020)


~Earn 1,000 points on Mathletics by Sunday, June 14, 2020.

-All assignments are graded (classwork and homework will be included in the final grade).