Grade 3 Classwork 3/30

*Happy MCA Spirit Week*

This week’s website(s): Freckle and Mathletics.

Today’s website(s): Freckle and Mathletics.

The new class code for Freckle is STJULR.

(PDF—Instructions to login students on Freckle)
* This week (number of assignments to complete): 
Mathletics (4 activities)
Freckle (Complete all reading and writing assignments):
ELA content (5 reading assignments, 5 writing assignments)
 Math content (Operations & Algebraic Thinking – At your level)
Due Date: Friday, April 3, 2020.
Mathletics—-Bank mistake
ELA Content
#23 – Lighthouses
Math Content
#69 – Operations & Algebraic Thinking – At your level


Earn 1,000 points on Mathletics by Sunday, April 5, 2020.

This will count toward the number of points to earn in the Math Bowl 2020.

Minimum number of points to earn in the Math Bowl 2020 this week: 2,000 points.

Good luck!