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Welcome to The First Grade Class Page!


Every child is a different kind of flower

And all together

make this world 

A Beautiful Garden


Welcome to Mrs. Jara’s First Grade Home page! 

I want to welcome you and your children to Midwood Catholic Academy’s first grade class.  It is very exciting to be back in school.  Please visit our page for homework, important dates, school and classroom news!  I am looking forward to a fun, exciting and safe year with all of you. 

Happy to be your child’s teacher, 

Mrs. Jara


Please check your child’s homework folder daily!


Please make sure you are connected and ready to communicate via Class Dojo! Thank you!


Important October  Dates To Remember!

10/8- Professional Day school is closed

10/11- Columbus Day school is closed 

10/12- Candy Sale ends

10/15- Pizza Lunch 

10/29- Pizza Lunch 




Happy Birthday to our October friends!

Casey 10/4

Guyamaella 10/8

Bradlee 10/9

Kaylee 10/25


Spelling and High Frequency Words for the week of October 4

Spelling Words 


2. dot

3. doll

4. hot

5. got

6. hat

7. dig

8. hut

9. top

10. hip 

Heart words: 









What are we learning in First grade?

Back to school classroom routines, safety and expectations

Short a and short i and short o

nouns and verbs writing simple sentences

addition and subtraction 

5 senses

The Parts of a Plant, apples, and pumpkins 


How to be a responsible citizen


Homework for the week of October 4, 2021

Monday 10/4

Write spelling words only 2x each in your nb

Math lesson 2.3 pages 27-28




Tuesday 10/5

Write heart words 2x each in nb

Math 2.4 pages 29-30


Wednesday 10/6

Write a sentence using this week’s spelling words only in nb 

Math lesson 2.5 pages 31-32

Read The Big Top


Thursday 10/7

Write a sentence using this week’s heart words in your nb 

 Math lesson 2.6 pages 33-34

Study for spelling test tomorrow


Friday 10/8

Have a great 4 day weekend !!


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