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1st Grade Classwork/Homework April 2, 2020

Posted on April 2, 2020
  1. Reading WB Pg 360 and go over Pg 352 Summary
  2. Watch the You Tube Video:  Harry the Dirty Dog read by Betty White  please have them watch it several times    Then they should write a summary of about 8 sentences about this story.  A summary is using your own words to retell a story. Tell only the most important parts of the story.  Remember Beginning, Middle, End.  My suggestion would be 2 sentences for the beginning, at least 4 sentences for what happens in the middle, and then 2 sentences for the end.    Ask the children to retell the story.  Begin with Title: Harry the Dirty Dog  and Author Gene Zion   This is due on Monday!!! So you have all weekend.  Please send photo on Monday
  3. Math Pg 193 and 194
  4. Remember to play Mathletics and also Log onto Freckle




1st Grade Classwork/Homework April 1, 2020

Posted on April 1, 2020
  1. Reading WB Pg 351 and 359  Also Tear out Phonics story Six Wishes and go over with your child  They should be able to read all the words and sentences  Send me just Pg 351  Thank you
  2. Reader  Practice reading Pgs 88-91 and Read Belling the Cat
  3. Spelling Practice Spelling Test on this week’s words and review Last week’s words
  4. Math   View You Tube Video ” Introduction to Standard Measurement for Kids”  Then do Pg 191 1nd 192  Remember there is a ruler on back pages of math book if you need
  5. Play Mathletics and Freckle
  6. Pray with your family for an end to this crisis!   

1st Grade Classwork/Homework March 31, 2020

Posted on March 31, 2020
  1. Read  The Class Pet ( Pay attention to what you learn about mice)
  2. Science (Reading)  Write sentences about what you learned about Mice in The Class Pet   Please take a photo of this assignment and send to me    ( At least 6 sentences)  This is information is right from the reader.
  3. Spelling Write list words 3x each and a sentence for bus, buses, friends, very 
  4. Math Pg 187 and 188 
  5. Reading WB Pg 357 
  6. Remember to play Mathletics today
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