Homework and Announcement for Tues., Sept. 21, 2021

Grade 5:  no Social Studies Homework

Grade 6:  Complete chart in Google Classroom

Grade 7:  Follow directions on Google Classroom.  

Grade 8:  Complete assignment in Google Classroom.

Religion:  Research when God reveals when a Savior will save us from sin and death in the Old Testament.

Science:  Study Notes

Math:  Write multiples of 3 up to 45.

No ELA Homework

9/13 Homework

ELA Homework

To tell a parent or guardian about what images we looked at in class and what we noticed and wondered about those images.

To write in our ELA notebooks what we expect to learn this year.

Math Homework

To do pages 3 and 4 in our math workbook.

I will be checking tomorrow, have a great evening !

Ms.Huggins 9/13

Science study your notes/// Lab mistakes in google classroom//Packet due Friday
Religion test on Friday///
Math finish classwork
ELA complete vocabulary in notebook (wasteland, g=hammock, rattlesnake, scorpion, lizard, warden)
back to school packet due tomorrow
Cover books with contact paper

– money for agenda
-book covers

Study and review your notes on Earth for 20 minutes// Mini quiz tomorrow

Review and study your notes and cells and test at the end of the month

Type a reflection on the first part of the video on Earth and how it formed// Full details and about 7-10 sentences

Ms.Huggins Class

6th grade
Welcome Back and I look forward to this school year

Make sure all (4) forms are filled out and return tomorrow:
>Student Emergency Form
>Financial Obligations
>Acknowledgement of Receipt
> Media Authorization

All About Me is due on Friday
Scholastic NEws is due next Wednesday in google Classroom

***Make sure you have your supplies and agenda money tomorrow***