6th Grade Homework – May 9, 2022


Science– Read pg 348 air pollution. Explain what the pollution is doing to the air and how can we help in one paragraph 

ELA – work on essay that’s due on Tuesday. The I-ready is due Wednesday 

Math – HW in google classroom

SS– work on the letter

religion– work on your poems they are due on the 13th 

5,7,8th Grade homework

5th- Finish any classwork

7th– finish any classwork pg18-19

8th- none


  • Tomorrow is the last day to bring in pizza lunch money

6th Grade Homework – May 3, 2021


Science – 1 page reflection about the Socratic seminar, include a full heading on loose leaf 

Math- Pg 127 #6-10

SS- in google classroom

ELA- in google classroom

Religion – work on religion poems 

5,7,8th Grade Homework

5th Grade – answer the question: Can wind travel faster than the speed of sound?

7th Grade – Pg 14 in book

8th Grade – pg 45 do the “try this”



Ms. Sanon’s Assignments – April 27, 2022

****8th Grade****
Math: All classwork due tomorrow.
ELA:  5W Poems due tomorrow. Figurative Language Interactive Notebook Assignment due tomorrow.
Social Studies: Read Documents 3, 4, & 5 then answer their questions.
Science: Read pages 21 in State Test Prep Book and write down all definitions. Finish all “Try This” Activities.
ASL: No Homework.
Religion: Answer the question “How do we show that we are learning the 9th and 10th commandment?” on Loose Leaf and in NB due tomorrow.

Trip Slip Due
Friday  – $2 dress down and $1 class fund

6th Grade Homework – April 12, 2022


Science – None

Math – Finish I ready if not done

Social Studies – Finish Map exercise if you wasn’t here

ELA – None

Religion – What is the 10 commandments (List them and tell me why they are important) also remember the mass response tomorrow ” Lord, in your great love, answer me”


  • Tomorrow is a half of day there is NO after school
  • Tomorrow is also a $2.00 dress down
  • Tomorrow raffles will be announced 

6th Grade Homework – April 8, 2022


Science – Project due Monday

ELA – study for test and Easter poem due Monday

SS – Finish essay 

Math – In GC

Music – Essay due Tuesday 

ASL – learn the sign of a sport and the thing used to play it


5,7,8 Homework

Project due MONDAY


  • Wednesday is 12:30 dismissal
  • Hoverboard raffles are being sold $2.00 for 1 ticket $5.00 for 3 tickets 

6th Grade Homework – March 23, 2022


Science – Finish any class work that has been given, please submit it GC


Math – Finish #42 in GC

Social Studies – NONE

Religion – NONE

5,7,8th Grade Science Homework

  • Complete any classwork that was not completed for homework and submit it in GC



  • Soda for card party due March 28, 2022
  • Friday 12:30 pm dismissal and $2.00 dress down



Homework and Announcements for Wed., Jan. 26, 2022

Religion:  Homework in Google Classroom.

Social Studies:  Grade 5:  Finish information for The Netherlands.

Social Studies:  Grade 6: No homework.

Grade 7:  No homework, but begin to study the vocabulary assigned for homework last night.

Grade 8:  No homework

ELA/Reading:  Finish the NewsEla article in google classroom, due tomorrow.  Read two more articles on Greek Mythology.

ASL:  Think of your favorite food, learn the sign for it, and present it in class next week.

Finish the “Virus vs. Bacteria” assignment in google classroom, due tomorrow.

Homework 1/12

ELA Homework

-Sentences for each of your spelling words.

-Read a small book and write down the title, author, and the genre that you think it is.


Math Homework

-Math problems given in class.


-Tomorrow will be a 2$ dress down for the victims of the fire in theBronx. All proceeds will go to the Red Cross.

-There is no school on Friday.

-Friday January 21st will be pizza lunch, the money from the missed pizza lunch will be counted toward this one.


Homework for 1/3/22

Welcome back!
Grade 5:  No homework

Grade 6: No homework

Grade 7: Write 2 paragraphs on the following:  What are two problems the people or states that are along the Colorado River facing today?  What are they doing to solve the two challenges you chose to write about?  Write your extended response on loose leaf or in your notebooks.

Grade 8:  Homework in Google Classroom.