Homework and Announcements

Grades 5, 6, 7, 8 Social Studies:  Make up any work that has not been completed.

7 B Science:  Complete work on Google Classroom.  Science test on Friday.

Math:  No homework

ELA/Reading:  No homework

Grade 4 April 15

Reading vocabulary test Monday

Math page 201, test next Friday

Science page 95, test Thursday

Zoom will start at 8:30 tomorrow morning

Announcements and Homework, April 14, 2021

Dress down on Friday, 2.00

Science:  Complete on Google Classroom

Cohort B:  

6 B:  Complete class assignment for homework if it is not completed in class.

No in person school  on 4/15 and 4/16.  All students will be remote.  Zoom classes will be scheduled.  Look for Zoom link in Google Classroom.

Math:  Chapter 7 test on Friday, 4/16, Cohort B

ELA:  Finish NYS Test Prep 3 if not completed in class.

Homework and Announcements for 3/29/21

Science:  page 185, numbers 7-10

Math:  7-8, even up to 20.


ELA:  Practice slides

Tuesday:  Pizza lunch for those who have paid and 2:00 dress down.

Wednesday:  Pizza lunch (those who have paid) for Cohort A and 2.00 dollar dress down.  Bingo, 2.00 for Cohort A.

Bring in Raffles by Mar. 31 for a free week of dress down in May.

No Social Studies Homework for grades 6, 7, 8.

Wednesday:  last day for re-registration fee of 75.00.


Homework and Announcements Thurs., Mar. 25, 2021

Social Studies: Study for test next week.

ELA:  Slides are due Monday.

Religion:  No homework

Math:  pg. 205 Lesson 7-5, numbers 2-6 and 11 and 12.


For Cohort B:  12:30 dismissal Friday, Report Cards

Ms.Huggins 3/9 Group A

5th group A
Black History month exam on Thursday
Reviewing terms part 2

6th group A
Black History Month exam
No science homework

7th group A
Black History exam
Presentation will continue on Thursday

8th group A
State Exam Prep
Read pages 137-142 and complete in google docs page 140,141, &142 Trythis