8A Ms.Finnegan


Patty Lunch slip and money

Trip next week 12/11

Dress Down $1, $1 hot cocoa, snacks for sale tomorrow, 12:30 dismissal and REPORT CARD DAY!

Report Card time slot slip returned please


Secret Santa due Dec 16 NO EXCEPTIONS


8th Gr SS Both A&B You must do vocab, comprehension and lesson assessment for both 7.1 and 7.2 by Tuesday.  You should already have 7.1 material and information done.  Regardless do text topics 7.1 and 7.2 by Tuesday.  

7th Grade:  pgs 83-91 comprehension questions and pg 91 lesson assessment

6th Complete anything that you started in class.  Do pages 100-107 all progress check questions throughout the reading passages.



Dress Down $1 Friday and REPORT CARD DAY!

Report Card time slot slip returned please


Secret Santa due Dec 16 NO EXCEPTIONS

8th Grade 

You must RESEARCH  the humanitarian crisis known as the Ethiopian Famine of the 1980s.  Also research the charity concerts known as Band Aid that began during that time and continues today.  Write a paragraph for each please.

8A:  Religion HW  page 32-25 (3 activities) to be completed in notebook.

SS:  Note-taking book:  Topic 7.1

8A Math: 10 – 9 # 2, 5, 8

8A:  ELA Idiom slides due tomorrow

7th Grade:  pgs 83-91  Write two economic details from each page.  Write two daily life details for each page.  Do vocab (choose five words)



Pre-K-4 News

Hey from Pre-K-4! During this short week in our classroom, we are reviewing the letters and numbers we have learned thus far. We are getting ready to fill our bellies with food at our Thanksgiving luncheon on Tuesday, while still practicing to put on an awesome show for our families on Wednesday!

Tuesday 11/26 – Thanksgiving lunch

Wednesday 11/27 – Grandparent’s Day

Ms. Gallina, Mrs. Guy, Ms. Noelle and all of Pre-K-4 would like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! 

8A Ms Finnegan

Reminders:  1.00 dress down, Wednesday.  12:30 dismissal on Wednesday.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving lunch; bring your own drink.  If you did not pay for Thanksgiving lunch, you must bring in your own lunch.

SS no hw  All grades

Math:  No hw

ELA:  Continue to work on Google Classroom assignment on the Urban Legend you chose.  Follow all directions in the task.

Science: Read pages 134-138 and answer questions #1-4 in NB/// Write conclusion for lab in interactive nb 


1st Grade Homework November 25, 2019

  1. Spelling Write list word 3x each AND STUDY for test Tomorrow
  2. Reading WB Pg 168
  3. Math Pg 81 and 82
  4. Thanksgiving Worksheet
  5. Wednesday is Grandparent Assembly and 12:30 Dismissal

Mrs. Dasaro’s Homework Page

Reminders: Book report on realistic fiction is due tomorrow. 

1.00 dress down tomorrow.

Reading:  Answer the following question in your notebook:  This requires research.  

  1. Why did the Ethiopian government violently force the refugees out of Ethiopia?
  2. Math:  7-9 even up to number 26.
  3. Science: page 10, Lesson 3, pgs. 84 to 91, and study for test.

Mrs. Dasaro’s Homework Page

Homework and Reminders for Thurs., November 14, 2019

Grade 8:  (both classes):  List and describe 2 events, with supporting details, in the film that are similar and 2 events that are different from the book.  Describe one scene from the film in which the music sets the tone or mood in the film.  Write your extended response essay on loose leaf.  This will be your first draft.  Reread chapter 3; there will be a test next Thursday.

Reading:  Answer the five questions in your notebooks.  Read Chapter 11 to answer the questions in the notebook.

Social Studies:  Complete vocabulary on flashcards, pg. 69 in text book.

Science:  Complete Lab questions assigned last week, due tomorrow.

Math:  No Math homework.

Reminders:  1.00 dress down tomorrow, Friday.  Thanksgiving Lunch money is due by Nov.19.  Volunteers to serve the lunch are needed.

Mrs. Dasaro’s Homework Page

Reading:  Write a summary for chapter 11. Book report due Fri., Nov. 22.

ELA:  Research a person who did a courageous person and redo the graphic organizer on pg. 53 0f your N Y Progress book.

Math: Essential Question on loose leaf. Study for test tomorrow.

Social Studies: Do numbers 1-3 on pg. 


Religion: Finish test corrections and get test signed.

8A:  Finish vocabulary started in class from NY Progress.  Pages: 64, 66, 68 and 70.

8B:  Finish any one-pager or assessments not completed in class

Book report project due Thursday, Nov. 21. Grade 8

Reminders: Thanksgiving flyers and lunch papers were handed out.  Please return as soon as possible.  Tomorrow is the last day to contribute to Radio Bingo.  Grade 7:  Entenmann’s baked goods.