Homework 1/12

ELA Homework

-Sentences for each of your spelling words.

-Read a small book and write down the title, author, and the genre that you think it is.


Math Homework

-Math problems given in class.


-Tomorrow will be a 2$ dress down for the victims of the fire in theBronx. All proceeds will go to the Red Cross.

-There is no school on Friday.

-Friday January 21st will be pizza lunch, the money from the missed pizza lunch will be counted toward this one.


Homework for 1/3/22

Welcome back!
Grade 5:  No homework

Grade 6: No homework

Grade 7: Write 2 paragraphs on the following:  What are two problems the people or states that are along the Colorado River facing today?  What are they doing to solve the two challenges you chose to write about?  Write your extended response on loose leaf or in your notebooks.

Grade 8:  Homework in Google Classroom.

Ms.Huggins 12/10

ELA / Reading – Holes Movie Review due Monday
30 minutes of I-ready by tommorow

Math – Unit 2 test ( Lessons 13-19 )

Science – No homework

Social – Finish any work that has NOT been done throughout the week

Religion – December theme is due Monday

Reminder ~

Secret Santa gifts due 12/17

Practice our Christmas song Last Christmas ; for Christmas show wear Red , Black , and a dab of white.

Show is 12/21

Hot Dog Money is due 12/15

Grade 4 December 10

Reading finish book cover, read chapters 7 and 8 for Monday
Math test on chapter 4 Wednesday
S.S. test Thursday on chapter 2 lessons 3 and 4
Hot dog money due Wednesday

Grade 4 November 10

Math finish page 53 use area model and show work in notebook
S.S. page 37 numbers 5,6,7
Science page 63
Hot dog lunch Friday.
$2.00 dress down Friday.
Pizza money due Tuesday
No school tomorrow

Ms.Huggins 10/26

Math – Lesson 9 even numbers up to 22

ELA / Reading – Finish I-ready ( 45 minutes )

Science – Test is the 2nd week of November
4 problems in Google Classroom

Religion – Family tree due Friday /// Jacob and Rachel crossword puzzle

Social Studies – Complete Google Classroom Assignment if not completed
Be ready to present google slides.

Reminders ~
All Trunk a treat moeny is due Thursday ( $5.00 )
Walk a thon money is due by Friday ( $35 minimun )
All students should be in uniform tommorow.( No girls should be wearing pants )

Figure 1 in Google Classroom
Phases of the moon ( Figure 2 )
Asses Understanding 1A and B. ( Complete in Google Docs )

No homework

No homework

Ms.Huggins 10/19

Science test the 2nd week of November
Saints project due on Friday
Family Tree due Next Friday 10/29
ELA: FInish NewsELA if not done//45 minutes of i-ready by Thursday
SS Finish your partner work in Google classroom
Walk-a-thon money is due
Truck a treat $5.00
Picture day money is due Friday

Watch Constellations on Brainpop DO not take the QUIZ
We will do it in class tomorrow

Google classroom reading on Cell Disvision

Exam is the second week of November
A Trip to Geologic Time worksheet in google classroom #1-7 due tonight
#’s 8-16 due tomorrow night

Homework and Announcements for 10/7/21

Grade 5 Social Studies:  No homework

Grade 6:   Social Studies:  Add more information to the Social Class Structure pyramid.

Grade 7:  One to two paragraphs on the following:  Why was the name of the Christopher Columbus Holiday changed to Indigenous People’s Day?

Grade 8:  No homework.

ELA:  Draft is due Tuesday.

Math:  1-9 numbers 1-17

Sci:  Finish writing your spooky story on plants and animal cell paper.  Glue crossword puzzle to your notebook.

Pizza lunch money due on Tuesday, Oct. 12.

Terranova starts on Tuesday.

Monday, no school.  Paper for the walkathon.


Homework and Announcements: 10/1/21

ELA/Reading:  Test on 10/7   Spooky story outline due on Monday.

Science:  No written homework, review notes.

Social Studies:  Complete work in Google Classroom.  (3 paragraphs on Native American Groups)


Homework and Announcements for 9/29/21

Grade 6:  finish work begun in class on Google Classroom.  Please have parents add themselves to Remind.  Code:  81010@a9dKeK

Grade 7:  Make sure your chart is completed. (on Google Classroom)

Science:  Study for test tomorrow.

ELA/Reading:  Read the rest of Chapter 3 and study for test on 10/7

12:30 p.m. dismissal this Friday, 10/1 and 2.00 dress down.

Grade 5:  No homework in Social Studies

Grade 8:  Bring in supplies for Civil War Project.