Pre-K-4 News

We are off to a great start already here in Pre-K-4! Stay tuned, I’ll be sure to update you here on all the fun happenings throughout the year!

A few beginning of the year reminders:

  1. Pillows go home EVERY Friday & should return freshly washed Monday morning
  2. Two nutritious snacks should be sent in each day. A snack consists of a small food item and a drink.
  3. Friday 9/25 is a $1 Dress Down

Pre-K-4 News

Hello my friends! I’m loving spring right now. I can’t wait for the Easter Bunny to visit me at my house! Are you excited also? If you see this from Pre-K-4, tell me 1 thing you are excited for about Easter and Ms. Gallina will give you a virtual high five on Class Dojo!

Although we are going through a bit of a rough patch, the incoming spring season is a symbol of change and growth. At MCA, we will continue to GROW through whatever we GO through, together as a school. Bare with us as we continue to make the transition to online learning, as easy as possible. Over here in Pre-K, we are still doing lots of learning, even from home! I can’t believe how much we are growing and preparing for Kindergarten. Peek back to this page to find out more exciting updates as we navigate our new virtual classroom experience!

See attachments below for all our at home learning activities:

Lesson Plan 3/30-4/3


Early Childhood Reinforcement Activities

Early Childhood Resources

Pre-K-4 News

Happy March! We have finished learning all about shapes. YAY! We are now exploring all the beautiful colors of the rainbow, while we continue to learn our letters and numbers and work on our writing skills. The year is flying and it will be easter before we know it!


3/5: $1 Disney dress down

3/6: $1 Dress down

3/9: Social Studies project due

*Please send in $5 for our class Card Party basket*

Homework 3/2/2020

Pre-K-4 News

Hey from Pre-K-4! This week, we will be discussing Black History Month, and all things Valentine’s Day related. We are excited to show everyone our Valentine’s Day mailboxes we have been working and we will conclude this week with our special Valentine’s Day exchange between our class.


Friday 2/14:

  • $1 red dress down
  • Pancake money due
  • Pizza lunch

Homework 2/9/2020

Pre-K-4 News

We can’t believe how fast the year is going! Last week we celebrated Catholic School’s Week, and continued to learn all about Mexico. As we enter into the month of February, we will learn about black history, and we will get to take a look into our own history. We are also preparing for our Valentine’s Day exchange in the classroom! We are so excited, as we take an even deeper look into how we can show love and appreciation for the friends and family that surround us. Keep up with us as we continue to grow and learn!


Friday 2/7:

  • 12:30PM Dismissal
  • $1 Dress down

Monday 2/10:

  • Valentine’s Day mailbox is due

Pre-K-4 News

Hola from Pre-K-4! All throughout this week and next week we are taking a little trip to a different country! We are learning all about the living in the beautiful country of Mexico. Continuing our learning of our letters, numbers, and shapes… We are also learning all about the language our friends from Mexico speak, the food they eat, the music they listen to, and even the clothes they wear! We are crafting up some poncho’s, and maraca’s! Follow along to see what else we learn!

Please join me at mass on Sunday, January 26th at St. Vincent Ferrer (located at 925 E35th St, Brooklyn, NY 11210) to kick off Catholic School’s Week! Any child in attendance wearing their uniform will receive one nut card.

Please refer to our Catholic School’s Week schedule to keep up with all the happenings this week! 

Pre-K-4 News

Hey from Pre-K-4! Things are moving along quite nicely in our classroom. We  have been doing lots of fun things in here. We had a chance to get our hands messy and make some snow! After that, we were able to have a snowball fight right in our room! We had so much fun. We are slowly getting through our ABC’s, we are learning about letter “J” this week! J is for Jam! I think we might even get the opportunity to make some strawberry jam with our own two hands this Thursday…. but shhhh it’s a surprise! 


Thursday 1/16: $1 Dress down

Friday 1/17: No school

Monday 1/20: No school


Pre-K News

Happy New Year from Pre-K-4! We are getting back in the swing of things after enjoying our long break for Christmas. We are diving into all things winter related, and this week we are learning about SNOW! In the coming weeks, we will be moving into writing in our notebooks. We are so excited about this big step we are taking! Follow along as we grow and learn in the upcoming weeks!


1/13: $1 Dress down

1/17: No school

1/20: No school

Pre-K-4 News

It’s Christmas time in Pre-K-4! Our tree is lit, and we are ready for Santa to come to our homes! This week in Pre-K-4, we will be reviewing what we have learned thus far. This week is a very exciting week because we will be joining with our friends from Pre-K-3 and Kindergarten to celebrate Grinchmas! We are trying to be on our best behavior because Bendy,  Santa’s special elf, has been hanging around our classroom watching our every move! He told us he will tell Santa who is naughty or nice! We will end this week with our class Christmas party, and Santa might even call us again! 

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from Ms. Gallina, Ms. Noelle, & Mrs. Guy!

12/17: Grinchmas – Wear your favorite Christmas pajamas!

12/18: Christmas Show

12/19:  $1 Ugly Christmas Sweater dress down

12/20: Christmas Carnival/Last day of school

*School will reopen Monday, January 6th*


Pre-K-4 News

…And just like that we are into the Christmas season! This week, Pre-K-4 will dive into all things holiday related. We are finishing up our pumpkin seed counting books, and moving right on to counting pinecones and snowballs! We will conclude this fun week with our special in-class Tree Lighting on Thursday. Each of us here in Pre-K-4 will get a chance to adorn the tree with a special ornament of their own. We will drink juice and eat christmas cookies while we wait patiently for a special phone call from Santa! Keep up with us for the month of December to find out even more fun holiday happenings. 


Homework 12/2/19