Ms.Huggins 10/6

Religion test tomorrow
ELA study for Holes exam tomorrow. Scary story due next Tuesday
Dress Down tomorrow
Math Lesson 8 #2&4 show work
SS page 83 # 1 &2, Page 78 # 1 & 2 geography connection
Science Practice Problems in Google classroom
Candy sale and catalogs sales due October 12th
Pizza money due October 12

No homework

Reading article on Mitosis

No homework

Ms.Huggins 10/5

ELA-Finish story outline and story draft/// Study for HOLES exam chapters 1-17

Math Lesson 7 even up to 20

SS Finish labeling map

Science #11-20 in google classroom or in NB

Religion test on Thursday/// Research on Saint due 10/22

Game on PBS kids

Study your notes

Study notes

Ms.Huggins 10/4

Religion test on Thursday
Science practice SI unit problems in google classroom
Math Lesson 6 #’s 6-16 even
ELA Study for Holes test Finish the story draft in google classroom
SS finish the defintions from pages 76-77 in NB

Read from Scholastic News about Robots pages 2&3 and answer the questions from page 8 in google classroom

Study your notes

No HW/// study your notes

Ms.Huggins 10/1

ELA – Think of Story Idea due Monday. Study for Holes test Chapters 1 – 18. Character Venn Diagram in Google Classroom

SS – Finish defining definitions on pgs 76-77 in your NB.

Religion – Test next Thursday Study Chapter 1.

Study the Moon Phases for Lab

Lab#1 Pangaea due on Monday in Lab notebook

Ms.Huggins 9/30

ELA Discussion questions in google classroom think of story idea due Monday Test October 6th on Holes chap1-18 Character Venn Diagram

Religion test chapter 1 next THursday
Math Lesson 5 even up to number 16 show your work in book
SS complete social structure and writing / art in NB get information from Text book

Ms.Huggins 9/29

Finish reading chapter 15 up to page 79
Math Lesson 4 even up to 20
Science test tomorrow
SS Finish essay draft f not completed

test tomorrow study notes /// listed in google classroom

Test tomorrow

Test tomorrow
Lab #1 Pangaea due Monday in science lab notebook

Ms.Huggins 9/28

Reading discussion questons in Google classroom
Math no HW
Science Study for test on Scientific Method///Brainpop on SI Units complete the pop quiz
SS Finish technology paragraph if you are not finish //// You must sign up the

Moon phases in google classroom create a google doc and write your answer

7th grade
Test on 9/30/// plant and animal cell in google classroom

TB page 112 #’s 1-4 in googledocs

Ms.Huggins 9/27

Science google classroom finish the homework #’s 2,3,4 Test the hypothesis
Test on Thursday
ELA/ Reading
Mindset reflection due tomorrow
Discussion questions need to be completed in google classroom
SS Write (N.b) paragraph for specialization. If you finish, specialization work on the bubbles for technology
Test next week// bring in your solidarity project

homework in google classroom/// test on Thursday

Test Thursday and study your notes

Test Thursday

Ms.Huggins 9/24

Lab safety review
Test 9/30
Bring in something for the Solidarity project for class. /// Information in google classroom
NewELA due Monday
Mindset reflection due Tuesday
Finish graphic organizer in NB using pages 62-69

Science test 9/30
Redo Brainpop on Moon Phases and complete the quiz

Test on 9/30
Spooky story due 9/30 make sure you decide on which cell you would like to be and then write a story using the words as description

Test 9/30
Era slide show due on 9/27
Fossils 2nd sheet in google classroom is due. ***Make sure you unsubmit and complete second sheet in google docs than submit again

Ms.Huggins 9/23

Science test on 9/30 study your notes
Religion Bring in something to the theme Solidarity. The information is in Google classroom
MAth Lesson 3 #1,2,5,6
ELA / Reading News ELA due Monday ////Mindset reflection due Tuesday

Reading in Google classroom from NewsELA ///test 9/30

test on 9/30
google classroom What is cells? reading and questions

Google classroom Fossils vocabulary due tomorrow ///
Fossils 2nd sheet due Monday
PPT on Eras due monday 9/27