Ms.Huggins 12/2 Group A

5th group A
Test on Friday on the solar systems///page 80 #1-6 and page 81@2&3 on google classroom

6th group A
Density practice problems in google classroom
REad chapter 38 in HOLES book
MAth Progress monitor on google classroom
SS finish one-pager draft
Religion page 51// the ACtivity

7th group A
Mitosis part 3 worksheet in google classroom///Test on Friday study Mitosis notes

8th group A
State Exam prep/// Lab write up in notebook/// TEst on Soil on Friday

Ms. Huggins December 1st Group B

5th group B
Questions on Pluto in Google classroom///Solar Systems exam on Monday

6th group B
Net Force Maze in google classroom
Reading questions on HOles in google classroom
Math in google classroom

7th group B
2 worksheets on mitosis/// Test is on Monday

8th groupB
Test on Monday on Soil

Ms.huggins 11/30 Group A

MAth bring notebook home
Science comic strip due next wednesday
SS finish one pager draft
Reading disscussion questions in google classroom

5th group A
Choose a planet you would like to do your brochure on///worksheet on google classroom

7th group A
Mitosis on Newsela in google classroom

8th group A
google classroom worksheet/// Test on Friday /// Bring home textbook

Ms.Huggins homework11/23

5th group B
Finish the puzzle on Space// Take a picture and attach it to Google classroom.

6th group B
Reading 3 questions on the book HOLES in notebook///Thankful assignment in Google classroom and do it on construction paper
Math google classroom
Science bring home science workbook /tomorrow practice problems on all formulas (8)

7th group B
Brainpop on Genetics complete by watching the video and answer the question

8th group B

Ms.Huggins 11/19th homework

5th group B
REview notes on the planets

6th group B
Math lesson12 up to 29 and do not do #27
Science work in google classroom (4) practice problems
Religion test on Monday

7th group B
Study the Mitosis notes test December 3rd or 4th

8th group B
Review notes on Soil

Ms.huggins 11/18

5th groupA
Read the Scholastic and answer the questions on the back

6th groupA
Science bring home workbook
Religion complete all 3 scholastic’s readings and questions//Make sure complete THanksgiving paper
Pizza money due Friday
Reading answer discussion questions/// test friday
SS test Friday

7th group A
page 99 Lesson 1

8th group A
State Exam Prep pages 19-23 complete the “Try this”

Ms.Huggins homework 11/17

5th group B
reading scholastic on the astronaut/ answer the questions on the back

6th group B
science google classroom practice problems on POWER show all work (only #’s 1,2,3
Religion page 47 in the workbook
MAth lesson 11 #’s 4,6,8,12,13
Reading progress page 41 9-10; page 43 4-7//study for HOLES test on thursday
Social studies study for exam

7th group B
Inheirtance worksheet

8 group B
Review and assessment lesson 1 Rocks and weathering

November 16th Ms. Huggins

5th group B
Reading/Questions on Mars
Also, you will watch a video on Mars from youtube

6th group B
Bring home science workbook
Religion page 47
Math Lesson11 #4,6,8,12,13 post in google classroom
ELA Progress book page 41 #10 page 43 #4-7///Study for Holes part I test
SS study for test

7th group B
Cell Division reading and questions in Google classroom

8th group B
Bring home your Inside Earth TB
In google classroom complete the rocks and weathering worksheet

Ms.Huggins homework 11/13

5th group B
REading on EArth and the completion of the questions in google classroom
Finish the MAe JAimeson paper

6th group B
MAth lesson 11 #1,2,3,10&11///Do the work in google classroom or workbook and take picture of it
Social Studies Study for a test is on Tuesday
Science 4 practice problems on work
Reading/ELA questions in notebook;part I HOlES test end of next week (study guide will be posted on Monday)

7th group B
Mitosis worksheet in google classroom

8th group B

Ms.Huggins 11/12

5th group A
REading on Earth and questions in Google Classroom

6th group A
Solve the 4 problems on Work Make sure to show work
3) A 900N mountain climber scales a 100m cliff. How much work is done by the mountain climber?

4) Shawn uses 45N of force to stop the cart 1 meter from running his foot over. How much work does he do?

5) How much work is done when a force of 33N pulls a wagon 13 meters?

6) How much work is required to pull a sled 5 meters if you use 60N of force

7th group A
Reading on Mitosis and questions in Google classroom

8th group A
No work cover the new textbook