Homework and Announcements

Dress down 2.00 Friday

12:30 dismissal on Friday, May 7.

ELA/Reading:  Read pages 132-139.  On pages 137 and 139, number 1 to 4 in book.  On pages

137 and 139, number 5 typed  and attach document, at least 15 sentences each with evidence.

Science:  Study for test next week. Skeletal and muscular system.

Math:  No Math Homework

Get “Black and White” lyrics.

Social Studies:  work on mini-projects.  Will be graded.





Homework and Announcements

7 B Religion:  study for test.   Test Thursday.

7 B Science test next Monday, May 10.  Study.

Dress down Thursday, 2.00. 

7 A:  Come in with a list of 90’s song.

There is no homework for Grade 5, 6 and 8.    6 B have letter about Asoka ready by this Thursday.

Homework and Announcements

ELA/Reading:  Read pages 140 to 145.  Answer questions on pages 143 to 145.  For numbers 6 to 10 include evidence from the text.

No Social Studies homework:  7 A and 8 A   For 7A:  Bill of Rights will be collected tomorrow.

8 B:  Finish Social Studies work on GC.

6 A:  Have letter completed.  It will be collected tomorrow.  pg. 271, number 6.

Science:  On Google Classroom/The Human Body

Bring in money for Spring Boutique.  Flyers with envelop went home today.


Announcements and Homework for Monday, April 26, 2021

Science:  Homework on Google Classroom.

Social Studies:  7 B   Complete the Bill of Right Drawing assignment.

                            6 B   Complete 3-tab foldable on The Religions of Ancient India.

                            8 B   Study the notes on World War I; test Friday.

                            5 B   No homework tonight

Religion:  Complete Chapter 9 Assessment on page 103.  Test Friday. 

ELA/Reading:  No homework

Pizza:  April 30 Cohort B            If you wish to order a tee-shirt, orders are due tomorrow.

             April 29, Cohort A

Announcements and Homework, Thurs., Apr. 22, 2021

Cohort B:  

Math:  Complete homework on Google Classroom.

Science:  Complete homework on Google Classroom.

Social Studies:  No homework

Social Studies:  5 B, 6 B, 8 B:  No homework.  Test next week for 8 A and 8 B.

Pizza orders due on on Monday, Apr. 26, after Monday pizza is 3.00 per slice.

Check Option C alert in regards to Spirit Day tee-shirts.