Homework and

Religion:  7 B Test corrections three times each and get test signed.

Math:  Study and assignment on Google Classroom

Social Studies:  No homework

Science:  No written homework, but study for test on Dec. 4.

ELA:  Bring in Progress book Monday.

7 A:  last day to bring in Pizza Money is tomorrow, Nov. 20.  Pizza 2.50 per slice.   Dress down tomorrow for A group, 2:00.

 5 B, 6 B, 7 B and 8 B:Study for Social Studies Tests on Thursday.

ELA: EBW test on Thursday.

Science:  Google Classroom assignment

Math:  Google Classroom assignment.

November calendar is going home.  Please read the back. 

COVID-19 letter


Homework and Notices for Monday, Nov. 16, 2020

Homework:  All Social Studies classes – study for test on Thursday and Friday.

7 A:    Social for your Social Studies test on Friday.  Religion test is on Wednesday; study.

Science:  Google Classroom assignment.

7 A Math:  2-7 odd up to 31.

ELA:  Complete Google classroom assignment if you did not complete it.

Pizza money due Friday, November 20.  2.50 per slice.  After Nov. 20 it will be 3.00 per slice. (Cohort A)

Calendars are going home today.  Please read the back of the calendar.

Letter from Mrs. Heimbach about COVID-19 went home today.



Homework for Thurs., Nov. 12, 2020

5 A, 6 A, 7 A, 8 A:  study for text next week in Social Studies.

8 A:  Complete homework assignment in Google Classroom.

5 A:  In your notebooks answer the following:  What body of water lies to the north of Panama?  What bodies of water lie to the south of Panama?  Why was the Panama Canal built in that particular part of Panama?


Homework for Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020

6 B:  Answer the questions below for your particular empire; use pages 86 to 93.  

Akkadian Empire, Babylonian Empire, (Hammurabi),  The Assyrian Empire, The Chaldean Empire

  1.  Who was the ruler of the empire? 2. How did he gain control of the empire?  3. How long did he rule?  4. How long did his descendants rule?  5. What accomplishments were achieved under his rule?  5. How did he lose power?
  2. B Music:  Test next week on Classical Music, Study notes.
  3. There is no homework for 5 B, 7 B and 8 B.

Homework for Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2020

Go to your teachers’ homework site to get their homework for the day.

5 B:  Go to Google Classroom and complete homework assignment posted.  

7 B Music:  Write, “All About Denise Graves”.  Make sure that it is more than just a paragraph.  Also study for a music test next Wednesday.  

6 B:  Due tomorrow night- cuneiform tablet and code.   Upload to Google Classroom.

 7 B:  Study vocabulary in Social Studies text, page 58.


Announcements and Homework, 10/21/2020

Social Studies:  All A groups study for a quiz tomorrow.

6 B:  Complete sentences with terms for homework.  Complete on Google Classroom document.

Religion:  7 A and 7B:  Complete Religion exercise on page 32.  Upload it onto Google Classroom (Religion).

8 B Social Studies:  No homework

5 B:  No homework tonight.

Music:  H.W due next Tuesday and Wednesday.