Mrs. Dasaro Homework/Announcements 10/21/21

Grade 7:  Social Studies   Complete assignment in Google Classroom.

Religion:  Test Monday, study Prayers.

ELA/Reading:  Finish work in Google Classroom.

Science:  page 66 numbers 12-16.

Grade 8:  Social Studies:  Complete assignment in Google Classroom.

Grade 6:  Continue to work on your Google Slides.  Presentations will start Tuesday.

Grade 5:  No homework

Last day to bring in Trunk and Treat  5.00 is tomorrow.  Continue to donate candy if you wish too.

Bring in Walk-A-Thon money.


Homework and Announcements for 10/20/21 – Mrs. Dasaro

Social Studies: Complete  chart and questions in Google Classroom.

Religion:  Write the Gospel Dialogue, The Mystery of Faith, and the Invitation to Prayer in your Religion notebooks.  Go to the website in your GC stream that was posted today.

Please bring in Trunk and Treat candy if you wish to donate.  Also, bring in any pledges and money.

Grade 8:  define words on page 499.

Grade 6: Continue to work on research/google slides.

Grade 7:  Complete chart in Google Classroom.

Grade 5:  Complete chart in Google Classroom

Sci:  Cell division reading in Google Classroom.  Study your notes.

Math:  Test tomorrow.

Bring in candy donation.


Homework and Announcements for 10/19/21 Mrs. Dasaro

ELA/Reading:  Newsela article and 45 minutes of I-Ready, due Thursday.

Religion:  Study prayers, test Friday.

Math:  1-10 multiples of 3 up to  30 on loose leaf, answers in workbook.  45 minutes of I-Ready due Thursday.

Science:  Reading on cell division in Google Classroom.

Bring in Walk-A-Thon papers.

Grade 8 Social Studies:  Get test signed.

Grade 6:  work on Civilization facts for Google Slide project.

Grade 5:  No homework.

Homework and Announcements for 10/7/21

Grade 5 Social Studies:  No homework

Grade 6:   Social Studies:  Add more information to the Social Class Structure pyramid.

Grade 7:  One to two paragraphs on the following:  Why was the name of the Christopher Columbus Holiday changed to Indigenous People’s Day?

Grade 8:  No homework.

ELA:  Draft is due Tuesday.

Math:  1-9 numbers 1-17

Sci:  Finish writing your spooky story on plants and animal cell paper.  Glue crossword puzzle to your notebook.

Pizza lunch money due on Tuesday, Oct. 12.

Terranova starts on Tuesday.

Monday, no school.  Paper for the walkathon.


Mrs. Dasaro’s Homework and Announcements 10/6/21

Grade 5:  No homework

Grade 6:  Answer questions 1 and 2 on page 83.  Also complete Geography Connection, numbers 1 and 2 on page 78.

Grade 7:  no homework

Grade 8:  Study for test

ELA/Reading:  if you didn’t finish the assignment it is homework on Google Classroom.  Test tomorrow on Chapters 1 to 3 of the Outsiders.

Math:  1-7 even up to 30.

Science:  Homework on Google Classroom.

Dress Down tomorrow 2.00 dollars

Tee shirt poster due tomorrow.  Bring in Pizza money.

Mrs. Dasaro’s Homework and Announcements for 10/5/21

7th Grade Social Studies:  Revise body of Essay in Google Classroom.  Use notes from class.

Religion:  Complete Assessment 1 on page 19/1-10

Science:  Study notes.  Get test signed if you received it.

Math: No Math homework

ELA/Reading:  Finish Spooky story draft and study for test, Oct.7.

Pizza money

Grade 6: Finish map exercise.

Grade 8:  Study for test,  Oct.7.

Tee shirt design contest poster is due this Thursday morning.