Homework 3/24/21

-Read poem “Goose in a Garden” in your Green Notebook. Circle all the Gg’s you see. Draw a picture to match the poem. Color your picture.

-Study for Math Test tomorrow.

-All Pizza Money is due tomorrow.

Homework 3/23/21

– Write Gg in your Green Notebook.

– Study for Math Test on Thursday.

Homework 3/19/21

-Read “My Words” to an adult.

– Math Workbook pages P145 and P146

* We will have a Math Test on Thursday, 3/25/21.

Study pages P127-P146 in your Math Workbook. *

** Monday is Super Hero Dress Down for $2.00. **

Homework 3/18/21

-Blends Worksheet in folder

-Write Spelling Words 7X each in Green Notebook

-Math Workbook pages P143 and P144

Homework 3/11/21

-Letter Ll Sheet in folder

-Sentence Sheet in folder

-Math Workbook pages P137 and P138

-Study for Spelling Test tomorrow 

Homework 3/10/21

-Read poem “Ladybug on a Leaf” in Green Notebook. Circle all the Ll’s you see. Draw a picture to match and color your picture.

-Spelling Worksheet in folder

-Math Workbook pages P135 and P136