Donations for Sacks for Seniors!

MCA is taking donations this year for The Mickey & Dee Foundation for seniors in nursing homes. Please see the attached memos on what is an acceptable donation. We ask that all donations be handed in by 11/20. Feel free to visit to see what great things this organization is doing on a daily basis.


We are asking for your help! MCA is raising funds to continue making necessary COVID-19 updates. There is no donation too small. Please share with friends and families!



Best of Brooklyn 2019

Midwood Catholic Academy is proud to announce we were selected as a “2019 Best of Brooklyn” recipient.  Check out our press release.



Welcome Back!

Back to School Reminders:
1) Wednesday September 3rd 2019: 8AM – 12:30 PM for
Grades Pre-K-3 –> 8th (no after school)
2) Thursday September 4th 2019: 8AM – 3 PM for
Grades Pre-K-3 –> 8th (no after school)
3) Friday September 5th 2019: 8AM – 3 PM for
Grades Pre-K-3 –> 8th (no after school)

New Library

MCA is beyond thankful for our amazing parents, especially those a part of our Home Academy Association. Many of them worked tirelessly this past summer and fall to make our revamped library a reality. It is beautiful!