Homework and Announcements

Math: 7 B: 1-3 last column up to 45

Religion  7 B:  Study for test on Friday, and complete questions on Parable in n.b.

ELA/Reading  7 B:  Read pages 12-17 in your Progress Book  and complete numbers 1 to 5 on page 17.  If you don’t finish.  Take the novel,  Outsiders  and bring back with you on Friday.

Science  7 B: The Diversity of Life, page 31, numbers 1, 2, 3.  Study for Lab quiz.

Music 7 B:  Due next Tuesday answer questions in n. b. on l. l.

Dress down on Friday, 1.00.

There is no homework for 8 B.

Grade 6 B  page 61, number 6 in notebook.

Grade 5 Social Studies:  no homework

Sept. 21, 2020: Homework and Announcements

Math 7 B:  

Religion 7B :  Study for Test, Test is Wednesday.

Social Studies B:  Finish all vocabulary on pages listed on the study guide, (checked ones)  Test next week on Chapter 

Science 7 B:  Cells and Heredity  Study pages 16 and 17  for lab quiz.

Social Studies 8 B:  On document in Google Classroom, write you opinion on the Dred Scott Case written on the homework board in class.

6B Social Studies: no homework.

5 B:  Social Studies:  Finish assignment given in class and complete the homework assignment on Google Classroom.

Social Studies 5 B:  Finish research and complete homework assignment in google classroom.

Math 7 B:  1-2 multiples of 3 up to number 54.


Homework and Announments

Bring in the 5.00 dollars for the homework Assignment Pad if you have not done so.

Math B:  1-1 odd up to 39.

Religion:  Study highlighted areas in the textbook and complete Responding on page 18 and Encountering God’s love on page 19.  your Religion test will be Wednesday of next week.

Social Studies:  No Homework for tonight.  There will be a posting for tomorrow.

Science:  Read and highlight page 20 and 21.  Complete Assess Your Understanding, pg. 35 Lesson 2: numbers 6-10 only.

ELA/Reading:  Complete slides

Social Studies 8 B:  Complete chart started in class.  Use sections 8.1 and 8.2 in your text.

Social Studies 6 B:  Define the 4 words in Lesson 3 of Chapter 1 and write a sentence with each word.

Social Studies 5 B:  Complete Check Understanding, numbers 1-3 on pg. 14  in notebooks.

Social Studies: Grade 5,6,7,8

Hi Parents,

I want to welcome your students  to my classroom.  I have posted the Social Studies Google Classroom codes for Grades 5 through 8 below.  I separated them according to Group A and Group B

Social Studies Group A 

Grade 5 A: yjxgdok         B: suw7ada

Grade 6 A: 3y7qta3         B: rqf6rzn

Grade 7 A: 6b5hnnq       B: jda7cut   

Grade 8 A: ccwlgvj          B: hrujxiy

Grade 7 Religion:  Group A:  ayu23cc

                                  Group B:  uwiyc26


8A Ms Finnegan


Valentine’s Day Dance



ELA:  Vocab

Science: Worksheet Lesson 6

Be prepared to receive a Social Studies project assignment this week.  THAT MEANS WRITE YOUR NOTES IN NOTEBOOK PROPERLY SO THAT YOU HAVE ALL THE INSIGHT NEEDED.

5th Grade HW:  pages 134-138-  Complete all Quick Check questions and vocab (this should already be in notebook and is being checked tomorrow however it was done in class last week.  If there is an abundance of homework tonight, that means a student is not doing their work efficiently enough during the school day.)  Do questions #1-2 on page 138

8th Grade HW: Objectives for lesson 8.1-8.2 should be combined into a concise summary of these two lessons.  The objectives are located in a list at the beginning of each lesson, so combine all 8.1 objectives into a precise lesson summary, then combine all 8.2 objectives into a precise lesson summary.

7th Grade HW:  Complete the five paragraph essay from class today.  (page 118 #14)  Remember to include colonial time reasons for moving as well incorporate present day examples.  Five paragraphs.  

6th Grade HW:  page 148-153 Progress Check questions/map and chart questions/vocab.