Ms.Huggins 9/23

Science test on 9/30 study your notes
Religion Bring in something to the theme Solidarity. The information is in Google classroom
MAth Lesson 3 #1,2,5,6
ELA / Reading News ELA due Monday ////Mindset reflection due Tuesday

Reading in Google classroom from NewsELA ///test 9/30

test on 9/30
google classroom What is cells? reading and questions

Google classroom Fossils vocabulary due tomorrow ///
Fossils 2nd sheet due Monday
PPT on Eras due monday 9/27

Ms.Huggins 9/22

Religion: Noah’s ark due tomorrow
Science finish classwork and mini quiz on google classroom// test 9/30
MAth Lesson 2 #12-18
No ELA or SS
Parent teacher conference tomorrow on zoom

Part II on the worksheet in the notebook to be completed/// Test 9/30

7th grade
Test 9/30 and study your notes

complete the project on Eras on Google slides

Ms.Huggins 9/21

Science lab questions in google classroom
Math Lesson #1-7 in workbook
SS complete chart on Google classroom pages 62-67
Religion Noah’s ark due

No homework// just study your notes/// test 9/30

study your notes/// test 9/30 on chapter 1 lessons 1,2,&3

google classroom worksheet on geologic time scale

Ms.Huggins 9/20

Essential Question in google classroom//Lesson 1 #24,26 &28
Define words and write sentences page 62&63// do it in google classroom and if you don’t have google classroom do it in your notebook
Science test is 9/30
Noah’s ark is due Thursday

Brainpop on Seasons watch video and complete quiz///test 9/30

Study your notes//Test on 9/30

Outline is due tomorrow
Google slide on your ERA is due 9/27///Test 9/30

Ms.Huggins 9/17

Science no Homework///Test on 9/30
Religion Noah’s ark due Thursday
Math Lesson 1 #12-22
SS page 61 #6
You must sign up for REMIND by Monday: @3dhg6a8

Sign up for REMIND by Monday
Test 9/30
Mini quiz on Monday from your notes

Test 9/30
Study for Lab quiz

Google slide on ERA due 9/27
Test 9/30

Ms.Huggins 9/16

Science packet is due tomorrow
Complete classwork on variables///Variables Part II
Religion test tomorrow on the prayers/ Noah’s ark due next week Thursday

Discussion questions in Google Classroom

Lesson 1 #1-10

5th grade
REad pages 14 & 15 in the textbook// mini quiz on today’s lesson// Test 9/30
Sign up for REMIND due Monday

7th grade
Test 9/30
REMIND sign up is due by Monday
Brainpop on Microscopes watch video and complete the quiz

8th grade
Science packet due tomorrow
Create a google slide on a ERA of your choice and write why you feel its a great ERA and why should I visit this ERA. Make sure there are 3 slides or more with pictures and details.

Ms.Huggins 9/15

Math finish classwork and due tomorrow
Reading in google classroom
If you sign up for REMIND by Monday you will get some extra points
Science review your notes
Religion test on the prayers on Friday
Make sure all books are covered

Review your notes and mini quiz on today’s notes///Test at the end of the month

review your notes test at the end of the month

Study and test at the end of the month

MS.Huggins 9/14

6th grade
SCience vocabulary sheet on google classroom/ Bring in 2 bottles of water
Religion test on Friday on prayers
Math finish classwork: page 4 All of it; page 5 just add; page 6 just subtract
SS Finish defining the words and write the words from the text book and write your own sentences
REading read Holes chapter4

5th grade
No homework

Cells and heredity workbook page 35 lesson 1 &2

Write a reflection from today’s video watching from the ice age to the dragon fly in google classroom

Ms.Huggins 9/13

Science study your notes/// Lab mistakes in google classroom//Packet due Friday
Religion test on Friday///
Math finish classwork
ELA complete vocabulary in notebook (wasteland, g=hammock, rattlesnake, scorpion, lizard, warden)
back to school packet due tomorrow
Cover books with contact paper

– money for agenda
-book covers

Study and review your notes on Earth for 20 minutes// Mini quiz tomorrow

Review and study your notes and cells and test at the end of the month

Type a reflection on the first part of the video on Earth and how it formed// Full details and about 7-10 sentences


6th grade
Bring in the remaining of your school supplies
All (4) forms are due at this time
Religion test on September 17th
Gym is on Monday