Pre-K-4 News

Hey from Pre-K-4! During this short week in our classroom, we are reviewing the letters and numbers we have learned thus far. We are getting ready to fill our bellies with food at our Thanksgiving luncheon on Tuesday, while still practicing to put on an awesome show for our families on Wednesday!

Tuesday 11/26 – Thanksgiving lunch

Wednesday 11/27 – Grandparent’s Day

Ms. Gallina, Mrs. Guy, Ms. Noelle and all of Pre-K-4 would like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! 

Pre-K-4 News

Woah! We are flying through November! This month in Pre-K-4, we are discussing everything we are thankful for in preparation for the upcoming holiday. We are doing a great job writing our letters and identifying our numbers. We even got a new pet fish! Her name is Carla! We love taking turns feeding her! Keep up with us to see how much we grow…. and Carla! 


Friday 11/22 – $1 dress down

Tuesday 11/26 – Thanksgiving lunch

Wednesday 11/27 – Grandparent’s Day

Homework 11/17/19

October News – Pre-K 4

Wow! We are already in October. In September we learned a lot about our new classroom, about our new friends, and most importantly, about ourselves as we explored our feelings and emotions! My favorite emotion to explore was the feeling of being scared… We read all about a principal who is a green monster and eats children! After we finished reading, we had to see for ourself if our very own principal, Mrs. Heimbach, was a green monster. We fearfully took a trip to her office, knocked on her door and….. SURPRISE! We were happy to find out she was not a green monster at all! This month, we will be exploring letters, numbers, and all things fall related. Halloween will be here before you know it!

Thursday 10/10 – Bake sale & $1 dress down

Friday 10/11 – $1 dress down

Homework 10/7/19

Pre-K-4 News

We are moving into our third week of school and we have grown so much already! This week is an exciting week in Pre-K-4 because we are taking the first steps in learning to write our names. Stay tuned to see how we progress! 

Please note homework will begin the 2nd week of October

Important reminders:

Wednesday 9/17: Parent night 
*ALL parents are expected to attend

Friday 9/19: $1 Dress down

Pre-K-4 News

Yay! We got through our first week of school here in Pre-K. This week we did a lot of fun things, but some of our favorite activities were going on our classroom tour and shaking our jitters out! On the first day of school, we sat together on our rug for the first time, and read “First Day Jitters.” After we finished reading together, I explained to my little friends that everyone gets nervous on their first day of school, even Ms. Gallina! In order to get rid of our nerves and jitters, we must drink some jitter juice and shake them out until their all gone! We had a great time dancing around and getting comfortable. Check back here for more classroom updates!


  • Friday 9/13 – $1 Dress Down 
  • Wednesday 9/18 – Parent Night