Grade 4 October 22

S.S. test Tuesday
Religion saints sheet due Monday, assignment on google classroom due by tomorrow at 6pm
Pizza money due Tuesday

Grade 4 October 21

Math page 33 numbers 2,3,4,7 use the area model show work in notebook
Reading page 29
S.S. page 21, test Tuesday
Religion page 27, worksheet due Monday
Pizza money due October 26
Dress Down $2.00 tomorrow

Grade 4 October 20

Reading write sentences for vocabulary words
Math page 31 show all work in notebook
S.S. test Tuesday
Pizza money due October 26

Grade 4 October 18

Ela test tomorrow
Science complete worksheet
S.S. finishing defining vocabulary words from page 17, test Friday

Grade 4 October 14

Ela test Tuesday pages 8 – 23
S.S. page 15 numbers 3,4,5; test next Friday on chapter 1
Pizza lunch tomorrow
2.00 dress down tomorrow

Grade 4 October 12

Religion review and finishing coloring the Rosary
Pizza is now $3.00.
T shirt money due tomorrow

Grade 4 October 7

Math study multiplication tables
Terra Nova testing begins Tuesday, bring 5 sharpened #2 pencils.
Pizza money due Tuesday.
Walk a thon t shirt orders are due Wednesday