Grade 4 June 8th

Math page 180
Religion pages 97, 98, 99
Pizza money due Friday
$10.00 for summer packet

Grade 4 May 31

S.S. worksheet
Please be here at 6:15pm tomorrow night for spring show,

Class trip is Thursday.

Grade 4 May 26

Science- page 95
S.S. test tomorrow
Pizza lunch tomorrow
$ 2.00 dress down tomorrow

Grade 4 May 25

S.S. page 122, test Friday
Reading – read chapters 3 and 4 for Tuesday

Grade 4 May 24

S.S. pages 117 and 119, test Friday
Reading vocabulary quiz tomorrow
Pizza is now $3.00
Trip money is due tomorrow

Grade 4 May 23

Reading write sentences for vocabulary words, vocabulary quiz Wednesday
Math page 173
Science page 89
S.S. page 115, test Friday on chapter 4
Pizza money due tomorrow
Trip money due Wednesday

Grade 4 May 20

Reading – vocabulary quiz Wednesday chapters 1 and 2, if you have not covered the chapter book it MUST be covered by Monday
S.S. test on chapter 4 Friday
Pizza money due Tuesday
Trip money due Wednesday

Grade 4 May 19

Math page 171

Science page 87

Religion test tomorrow

$2.00 dress down tomorrow

Trip money due Wednesday

Pizza money due Tuesday

Grade 4 May 18

Ela page 141
Reading finish discussion questions in google classroom
Religion test Friday
Trip money due May 25
Pizza money due Tuesday