6th Grade Homework – May 19, 2022


Science– Why is the tissues, organs and systems in the human body so important? What would happen if we lost those functions?

Math- Finish worksheet 

SS- Finish any classwork

ELA– None

Religion– interpret the scripture (Romans 5:8 KJV)

5,7,8th Homework

5th Grade– How did the wooly mammoth go extinct?

7th Grade– pg 44-45 in the workbook

8th Grade– #40-60 0n practice test


  • Tomorrow is a dress $2.00 dress down day

6th Grade Homework – May 18, 2022


Science– Finish any classwork and worksheet

ELA– Finish class work

SS– In google classroom

Math– In google classroom

Religion- Finish any classwork

5,7,8th Grade Homework

5th- Do you think the wall is real? If so what is hidden behind it and why is it hidden?

5th Grade extra credit – who is Dr. Sebi and what was his research about?

7th Grade– Complete any work from yesterday

8th Grade– Complete any work from yesterday


Friday is a dress down day

6th Grade Homework – May 17, 2022


Science- Finish any class work; pg 78 – 79 copy all definitions and the chart on pg 79

Math – Pg 131 #2-5; study for  order of operation pop quiz


ELA- any work not completed must be all done by tomorrow

5,7,8th Grade Homework

5th Grade-  write a paragraph about what safety measures we should take if earth floods.

7th Grade- pg 41 in book

8th Grade- complete 21-40 on practice test


  • Friday is a $2.00 dress down 

6th Grade Homework – May 16, 2022


Science- Read pg 77; copy all definitions and write down which function you think is most important?

ELA– 6th-grade survival guide 

SS– None

Math- write down the order of operations 10x and complete problems that Ms. S put GC 

5,7,8 Grade Science HW

5th Grade– Pg 228 do the share and compare. (Read, write and draw)

7th Grade- Do pg 38

8th Grade– Finish up to #20 on the practice test



6th Grade Homework – May 13, 2022


Science– None

Ela- Do the survival guide 

SS- none

Math– I- ready due on Saturday

Religion– Finish pg 40-41

5,7,8th Grade Homework

  • Do a 1-page review of today’s seminar 


6th Grade Homework – May 12, 2022


Science – Bring in 3 topics for tomorrow’s seminar 

Math- Complete HW from yesterday on LL

SS- Write down all Vocab words & complete letter if not completed already 

ELA– narrative writing due tomorrow 


5,7,8th Grade Homework

5th Grade– Read pg 224-225

7th Grade – complete all work up until pg 29 in book 

8th Grade –  None


  1. Tomorrow is $2.00 dress down
  2. Tomorrow is pizza lunch

6th Grade Homework – May 10, 2022


Science– Finish ALL classwork it is posted GC

ELA– Finish essay,I-ready, and ALL classwork

SS- Finish any classwork, letter due tomorrow

Math- Learn the order of operations and prepare to do test corrections

religion– poems due friday

5,7,8 Grade




  • Friday is pizza lunch
  • Friday is a $2.00 dress down


6th Grade Homework – May 9, 2022


Science– Read pg 348 air pollution. Explain what the pollution is doing to the air and how can we help in one paragraph 

ELA – work on essay that’s due on Tuesday. The I-ready is due Wednesday 

Math – HW in google classroom

SS– work on the letter

religion– work on your poems they are due on the 13th 

5,7,8th Grade homework

5th- Finish any classwork

7th– finish any classwork pg18-19

8th- none


  • Tomorrow is the last day to bring in pizza lunch money

6th Grade homework – May 6, 2022


Science- none

SS- none

Math – none

ELA- Essay in google classroom

Relgion- work on poems 

5,7,8th Grade homework

5th – None 

7th- Do page 16 & 17

8th- write a reflection about today’s Socratic seminar 


Bring in pizza lunch money

Wednesday is progress reports 


6th Grade Homework – May 5, 2022


Science – read page 340-341 and describe your habitat in one paragraph 

ELA – complete essay, quiz tomorrow 

SS- in google class room

Math– Study for quiz tomorrow 

Religion- work on poems

5,7,8th Grade homework

5th Grade- pg 214 do the vocabulary review & do the “big idea review” on pg 215


  • tomorrow is a $2.00 dress down day
  • May 13 is pizza day