Announcements and Homework

Candy Sale is ongoing

7 A:  Social Studies  Study for test next Thursday.  Study your guide.

Science:  Next Tuesday:  slide project is due on Google slides.  Black History Month test on Thursday.

Religion:  Study, test Monday 15.  Work on 4-Square Gospel Activity if you did not finish in class.

ELA:  no Homework     Math:  No homework

Grades 5, 6, 7 no homework

Grade 8 work on DBQ

Announcements and Homework

7 B:  Social Studies:  No homework  Test next Friday, study (Tensions with Britain)

8B:  No homework

6B:  Finish worksheet on the Twelve Labors of Hercules

5 B:  No homework

Science:  Work on Google Slide presentation; due Mar. 9.

Religion:  Test next Wednesday, study.

Math:  Study for test on Monday.

Dress down Friday, 2.00.   Please read Spirit Shirt letter; due Mar. 24.  Candy Sale is still on going.



Homework and Announcement for Monday, Mar. 2, 2021

Candy starts today.  Follow instructions in Option C.

ELA:  Study, “Root Words” chart for test on Thursday.

Science:  Continue working on genetic disorder slide.  Study Black History Month study sheet for test. 3/12.

Social Studies:  Continue to work on DBQ that will be due on Wednesday of next week.

Religion:  Test on Chapter 7 next Wednesday; study.

Math:  No Math homework

Grades 7 and 8 continue to work on DBQs

Grade 5 and 6 Social Studies:  no homework.

Homework and Announcement for 2/26, 2021

All assignments for 7 B

ELA:  Study affixes for test on March 4.  Finish Google Classroom assignment.

Science:  Due March 9:  Google Slides.  Continue to work on them.

Social Studies:  Continue to work on the body of your DBQ.  Have it ready by Tuesday.

Math:  No Math homework.

ELA 7 A:  Study affixes for test on March 3.

Grade 8:  Social Studies – work on the body of your DBQ.

Grade 5 and 6: No Social Studies homework.

Thurs., Feb. 25, 2021 and Announcements

ELA:  Finish affix work for homework.

Math:  on Google Classroom

Social Studies: 7A  Continue to work on DBQ.

5 A:  No homework

6 A:  No homework

8 A:  Using the organizer completed in class, write the body of the DBQ.

Religion:  No homework

Science:  on Google Classroom

Students were given the March calendar.  Please read it for very important dates in March.

Homework and Announcements for Wed., Feb. 24, 2021

Dress down Friday, 2.00.

Social Studies:  No homework.  Work on DBQ, make sure to include at least 3 documents.  Just work on the body; do not write an introduction or conclusion.

Religion:  No homework

ELA/Reading: Finish questions on pages 85 and 87, if  you didn’t finish it in class.

Math: 6-8 numbers 2-12 even

Science:  No homework.  Work on genetic disorder slide show project.

Grade 8:  Work on the organizer to organize your DBQ.

Grade 5:  Work on DBQ.

Grade 6:  page 189:  Complete narrative  on loose leaf.  If you did not complete the comparing and contrasting of Athens and Sparta, complete it for homework.  Be ready to rewrite it on Friday.

Homework and Notices

Science: Kathryn Johnson assignment and Punnett Square in Google Classroom.

Music:  Assignment due on Wednesday in Google Classroom.

Reading:  Fix or redo pages 69 to 79.

Math:  No homework tonight. (Math has been updated)

Filming of Black National Anthem on Wednesday.  Wear full dress uniform.

Grade 8 Social Studies:  No homework tonight.

Grade 7 Social Studies:  No homework.

Grade 6:  Finish Venn Diagram on Sparta and Greece.  Use pages 183 to the top of 187 in your textbook to help you finish the Venn Diagram.  Be prepared to write a full essay on the information on Wednesday when you return to class.

Grade 5:  No homework.