Homework and Announcements for Fri., Jan. 21, 2022

Math:  In Google Classroom

ELA/Reading:  Greek Mythology gods chart due Monday.

Grade 7:  No Social Studies Homework

Grade 8:  Homework in Google Classroom, DBQE

Grade 5:  Finish questions 1-10 on pages 128 and 129 on loose leaf.

Grade 6:  Write Creative story on the Babylonian Exile in Google Classroom.  Follow the rubric written in class.

Homework and Announcements for Thurs., Jan. 20, 2022

Grade 6 Social Studies:  Complete number 7.  Write at least 2 paragraphs.  Use the text to help you write the journal entry.  Use first person voice to write it.

Grade 7:  No Homework in Social Studies.  

Religion:  Study for test on Chapter 5.

Grade 8 Social Studies:   Which Social groups were not included in the successes of the Reform Movement?  Write at least 2 paragraphs in your notebooks. 

Science:  Vocabulary in Brain Pop. 

ELA/Reading:  Greek Mythology assignment is due Monday.

Dress down tomorrow:  2.00

Homework and Announcements for Tues., Jan. 18, 2022

Math:  Test tomorrow

Science:  Homework posted in G C.

Social Studies:  Grade 7: Finish work in Google Classroom.  (Causes and Effects of the French and Indian War)

Religion:  Study for test on Chapter 5 on Friday.

Grade 6:  Complete chart in Google Classroom.

Grade 5:  Complete chart in Google Classroom.

Grade 8:  Complete chart in Google Classroom.

Pizza:  2.50 per slice.

Bring in vaccination paper.

Homework and Announcements: 1/12/22

Grade 5:  Finish assignment on Google Classroom.

Social Studies:  Grade 6:  In your notebooks answer the following question:  How did the Israelites escape the death of the first born son?

Social Studies:  Grade 7:  page 112, Government and Trade.  Support the statement, ” the system of mercantilism allowed England’s economy to thrive.”

Social Studies:  Grade 8  Finish work started in class.

ELA:  Finish composition of MLK.

No Science or Math homework for  Grade 7.

Dress down tomorrow for the victims of the Bronx fire.  Please be generous as your needs allow.

No school on Friday, 1/14 and Monday 1/17. 

Homework for Tues., Jan. 11, 2022

Religion:  Read pages 56-57 and answer the following questions in your notebooks.

  1. Who was John’s targeted audience?
  2. What is the message of John’s Gospel?
  3.  How is John’s Gospel different from the Synoptic Gospels?
  4. Research:  What do the images on pages 56 and 57 symbolize or mean?  Why?
  5. Complete the Activity on page 56.

Social Studies: page 112 definitions in n,b.       Grade 5  Social Studies:  Complete assignment in Google Classroom

Math:  6-8, numbers 6-9                                       Grade 6 Social Studies:   Read pages 140 to 147 and complete taking notes on page 140.

ELA/Reading:  Answer number 6 in ELA Progress textbook.            Grade 8:  Make a list of 10 Progressive Era reformers or muckrakers.

Reminders:  Bring in Vaccination Certification form by Jan. 18.

No School on Friday and Monday.