8A MsFinnegan


Christmas Show Tickets 

Tree Lighting and Christmas Show on Wednesday

$1 Ugly Sweater Dress Down Thursday.

Patty Lunch tomorrow, bring a drink, and if you are not partaking, bring your own lunch.

Friday is Carnival, $20, and you would like extra pizza, $2.50 a slice

8A Math: Test tomorrow (9-5 & 10-11)

ELA: Continue to read 66 to 71; answer ALL Cite Evidence side bars and Comprehension Checks on pages 69 and 71.


8B 7.4 Comprehension Questions throughout passage, lesson assessment questions, and page 426 #4, 5, 7 and 8

8A:  7.4 Lesson Assessment

7th: Southern Colonies comprehension questions, map, chart, etc. questions, lesson assessment

6th pgs. 108-119 critical thinking and progress check questions