8A Ms Finnegan

REMINDERS:  Walk-A-Thon donations are dismal please donate and remember the many children surviving illnesses in the videos that we viewed.  Every little bit helps those families that need.

Chicken wings and fries lunch is Tuesday and all payments are due.

Nov 6th 

Math: 2-6 multiples of 4 to 44

ELA page 42

Sci:  Quiz monday

Health:  Activity due Wed.

SS:  ALL STUDENTS IN EVERY GRADE– bring with you, beginning Monday, lined index cards which will be used for vocabulary and key figures and events in history.   There will be a brief note going home from Ms. Finnegan regarding how participation in class is 

8th Grade: Objective question #8 (if you didn’t copy it, it is the summarize question on page 344).  These are the objectives/review questions from Topic 6 that were posted and copied into your notebook.


7th Grade:  Vocabulary; lesson assessment questions; and the comprehension questions throughout your reading from pages 56-68.

6th grade:  page 70 #3-4 and page 70 #4

5th Grade:  Choose between drawing and description, cause and effect charts or a summary for the following: 

Canadian Inuit and Origins of Canada by GOOGLING it and finding clips on PBS media channel;, history channel, etc. and must be parent-approved.