8A Ms Finnegan

Walk-A-Thon sponsorship is disappointingly low.  Please continue to work on this by Friday.

Trunk or Treat emails should be printed and responses returned promptly please.

All lines for assembly must be memorized; all costumes and any assigned attire are due Thursday.

8th GRADE SS HW:  Read 337-343; do vocab; comprehension questions; lesson assessment questions.  

7th Grade Pages 46-51 all comprehension questions and vocab for those pages should be defined.

6th Grade:  Parent Approved Video should be watched on Early Humans.  All vocab on pages 62-63

5th Grade:  REREAD page 56 -61 and do the Check Understanding on page 62

8A:  Math 2-9 #17-23 odd

ELA: Finish Cite evidence and comprehension check on loose leaf