Dress down and hot chocolate tomorrow

$5 Card party due tomorrow

Pizza lunch money is due

Culture day sheet read and signed by parents  DUE TOMORROW

Mass is Sunday at St. Thomas at 11:30 am  Wear your uniform and get a nut card.


8ARELIGION HW Study the prayer sheet given by Mrs. Heimbach 

8A:  Write your safety paragraph two times each.  GET A PARENT SIGNATURE ON THIS ASSIGNMENT

8A Math:  6-10 #1&#2

8A: ELA:  pg 133 Comprehension Check and 2 paragraphs on LL

8A  SS:  8.1 Lesson Assessment ques. #1 and #2  Essay due 


8B SS:  Study your vocab for 8.1 because you just may have a quiz tomorrow and Essay due

7th:  Write a paragraph about the documentary you have been viewing

6th and 5th:  Essay due date has been changed to Monday.  BRING IN WHATEVER QUESTIONS/ASSISTANCE  YOU MAY HAVE TOMORROW