8A Ms. Finnegan


HS Acceptance letter is OVERDUE and LATE  If you do not bring it in then you will lose the Dress Down on Friday.  It is also considered HW so you will get detention.

Tomorrow is the last day of graduation pictures

Mass tomorrow

Anti-bacterial -Girls  Box of tissues- boys   THIS IS HW  

8A  You must google, read, research some interesting facts about the country of Wales and the country Scotland.

You must include some facts about their nation’s flag with the colors explained as well as other facts.

Pizza Lunch Jan 30th 

Trip slip is due indicating if you will or will not be attending.

All Social Studies classes will be writing compositions and essays about Martin Luther King, Jr. and must follow their grade specific questions and guidelines that were given during class.  YOU MUST HAVE YOUR GUIDELINES AND QUESTION THAT YOU COPIED INTO SS NOTEBOOK SIGNED BY A PARENT.  DUE TOMORROW

8th Gr:  MLK 5 Paragraphs due Thursday with specific checklist and questions adhered to and BY TOMORROW give me the name of the present day social activist you plan to include in your essay.  The name of the social activist is due tomorrow. The essay is due Thursday.

The civil rights documentary is on the history channel.  “Rise up:  The Movement That Changed America.”

6th Gr. & 5th Gr.:  Notes & Questions that were written in the notebook must be signed by parent so it is clear that you are aware of what is expected of you.  Biographical essay due Friday three to five paragraphs 

8A Mathb 6-7 #2-9