8A Ms. Finnegan

Happy New Year! Welcome Back.

Friday is $1 dress down


8A:  ELA:  Vocab in the progress book

Math:  6-1 #8-16

Social Studies

8th Grade:  7.5 Women’s Rights.

Complete any work that was not finished in class.  (Comprehension questions, map/chart  questions and the four vocabulary terms and lesson assessment questions on last page of lesson.)

7th Grade:  On copy/computer paper, draw a plantation with all of the locations labeled and described.  If you choose not draw 

5th Grade:  Read pages 124-128.  Write one fact you learned from each page and do quick check questions throughout passages.  Do not do any other questions.  

6th Grade:  Finish any work not completed in class today.  Write two details for each page read.