8A Ms. Finnegan


Christmas Tickets are $5 tomorrow and $7 at the door tomorrow evening

Show is at 7 and tree lighting is at 6:30

Thursday is $1 Ugly Sweater Dress Down

Friday is Carnival ($20) and free dress down for those that participate.

Party Money Due Tomorrow

8A ELA Complete Chapter 7 vocabulary.  Define the following words.  Write the sentence in the chapter the word is in and write your own sentence showing your understanding of the word.

Words:  baffled, pg. 66, perpetual embalming, pg. 67, whittles, pg. 67, tarnished, pg. 68, burdensome, pg.69, cleaved, pg. 69, rendered, pg. 69, meditative, pg. 69.

8A Religion: Summarize Chapter 3 by writing in your summary two details from each page of the chapter.

8A Science: Worksheet packet due tomorrow

8A Tech:  Slides due Dec 19

8th Grade SOCIAL STUDIES  page 406 #1-5.  Write a response to analyze data question on page 392 and it can be no less than 4 sentences.  BE PREPARED TO SHOW TOPIC 7.4 LESSON ASSESSMENT

7th No HW

6th page 107 do all questions