8A Ms Finnegan


Carnival, fashion show, Christmas Show Tickets all notices have been sent home.  Please adhere to the deadlines

Holiday Boutique continues.

Tuesday Patty Lunch- please bring bagged lunch if you don’t plan to partake.

Graduation Sweatshirt Orders are due.

8th Grade SS HW:  All 7.3 Lesson assessment questions on loose leaf paper.  Answer your objectives as well (you copied your lesson objectives at the beginning of topic).  If for some reason you have confusion as to how to respond to an objective, write a paragraph  For both lesson assessment and objective responses, you must write the page # where you found your answers.

Be prepared for a quiz on Monday regarding the main ideas of 7.1-7.3    

Ex:  2nd Great Awakening, urbanization, factories and labor laws, Lowell Girls

7th Grade: Complete the paragraph questions that were assigned.  7-10 sentences for each paragraph.  CITE THREE (3) DETAILS from your text and include page #