8A Ms Finnegan


Tomorrow is 12:30 dismissal    $1 Dress Down NO AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM   

ALL PATTY LUNCH MONEY IS DUE TOMORROW There will not be any extra sold on Tuesday

Secret Santa due 12/16 No Excuses

Holiday Boutique Bring in money to shop

Carnival and pizza bring in slips

Christmas Show tickets

Grade 8 ELA:  Read Chapter 6 and complete worksheet on conflict.

Math 8th: Test tomorrow. Study Transformation Rules

8th Grade SS:  Text pages 401-403  Summarize the chart on 402-  This is an exercise in paraphrasing and summarizing so be sure to use your own words as much as possible and include some of your own interpretations.

Answer the Analyze Charts question as well (page 402)

Answer the question on 403  and be sure to read and reread your text to articulate a detail-oriented paragraph.

7th Grade:  text page 117-118  Questions #4 and #11 are fully due Monday HOWEVER you must write notes to be used in your final paragraph answer.  Find the details for these questions’ answers in note form.