8A Ms Finnegan


Thanksgiving Lunch $5 and please inquire about parent volunteers (virtus trained)


ELA Essay due on Monday

On loose leaf

Two similarities and two differences between movie and book.

Each SS Class has very specific directions.

5th Grade:  Create a Visit Canada poster with the following requirements:

     3 Holidays; 3 Sports; 3 Favorite Foods 

     Use your textbook and notebook.

THIS DOES NOT HAVE TO BE A POSTER but rather printer paper that was already given to students.

Also make sure your vocabulary is done in notebook for pages 92-99.

6th Grade:  Flashcards for vocab on pages 76-83 should be done.

Recreate one of the images from pages 86-92  It can be any image including maps.

Include a description of the image you drew (recreated)

7th Grade:

New England Colonies:  Advertisement to come to the New England Colonies

Just a sketch for now-

Include what is great about this area via images drawn…fishing, trading, religious freedom, timber for shipbuilding, etc.

It can be on printer paper for now and does not have to be on poster paper

It should only be a first draft for now.

8TH GRADE:  Combine questions from web site last week; 11/11 -11/10, into one formatted essay.  (#1-4)