8A Ms Finnegan

Soda or cake for Radio Bingo

Thanksgiving Volunteer forms and slips for lunch; $5.


Math: Test Tomorrow

ELA:  finish vocab

8th Grade SS:

Define allegory.

Complete the questions that were posted yesterday in COMPLETE sentences and ensure that your answers are detail-oriented therefore answering the questions completely. 

Find “American Progress,” (the painting) and analyze it further.  Keep in mind, the shading of east verse west; the modes of transportation; the connection between education and modernization; the clear message of MANIFEST DESTINY.

Find and print if possible other pieces of art from the 1800s that reflect westward expansion and Manifest Destiny.  Art includes poetry, paintings, written reflections, etc.

You must include all pertinent information (artist, date, topic) and then 4-5 sentences describing and analyzing the work that you have researched.

Be prepared to combine the questions from this past weekend (Nov. 10th posting) and those from last night (Nov. 12th posting) into one essay response.  This should be in complete essay form (1st draft) by class time FRIDAY.  


7th Grade:

Review the following key people during the colonization of America by the English:

Roger Williams, Anne Hutchinson, Thomas Hooker.

What was one thing Puritans believed about towns and government?  What did they establish as a community?

Study your notes from today’s class.  

Study the vocabulary that we noted today as important.

(Northwest passage; representative government; town meeting; persecute; pilgrim; toleration)

6th Grade:  Textbook pages 84-85 and do questions #1-3

5th Grade  DO QUESTIONS #23-26 for HW   Use your textbook and write your answers in complete sentences   The information for these questions are in the lessons that we just completed on Canada.  This includes New France, the Fur Trade, etc.  All students should have relevant page numbers in their notebooks.  Please send messages via Remind if need be however all students completed a classwork group assignment and the pages are noted in notebooks.  

23. Which two European nations colonized Canada?

24. What language and religion did the French fur traders bring to Canada?

25. How did Canada gain its independence from Great Britain?

26. Which province has considered separating from the rest of Canada?