8A Ms. Finnegan

Bring in two 2 Liters of soda for Bingo.

Ask parents for permission for $30 Secret Santa with 8B

FYI:  Both 7th and 8th Grade will be answering questions in our notebooks during class time and for homework.  These are in preparation for an essay response which will be counted as a test grade.

8th Grade:  Each night I will be posting questions regarding essay response and preparation for assessment.

There were four questions posted over the four day weekend.  Some require notes, others when indicated require online research.  Ensure that you have done what you are supposed to be doing.

Questions 11/12/19

Why do you think Texan settlers chose to go to war with Mexico instead of migrating to another region where they would be free of Santa Anna’s rule?

Who was moving to California and the Southwest in the early 1800s?  What were the reasons they moved there?

7th Grade:  Vocab quiz Thursday (Exploration to Plymouth) 

6th Grade:

You may use your textbook or research on a parent approved web site;

If you were an artisan in ancient time, what would you produce and why?  This should include some vocab from pages 74-80 if possible.

Please also sketch (just pencil and notebook) 

5th Grade

Please make sure you did all of the classwork from this weekend  You have a vocab quiz on Friday.  This is just the beginning of settling Canada.  (France; New France, Fur Trade, etc.)